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Why you haven’t found your Soulmate yet. Sonia Choquette and Lilou Mace on Soulmates versus Life Partners

Oh, the romantic idea of a Soulmate – the perfect person that changes everything and our life turns into heaven on Earth. That’s why we chase after it so relentlessly. But what if it’s all misunderstood. What if your Soulmate is not who you think he/ she is? What if you have been chasing after [...]

Monday Mantra: My heart is open to give and receive love.

Valentine’s day can bring up a lot of romantic ideas that could get anybody into a big trouble. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s important and vital to any relationship to make a clear and simple decision to freely express the love we feel for anyone that deserves our loving attentions. This emotional and [...]

Abundance mantra, slowing down

Monday Mantra: When I slow down, good stuff happens.

I have just arrived at my mom’s house in Slovakia. I love coming home to see family and to “load up” on my mom’s amazing cooking BUT every visit home also brings up challenges. As soon as I unpack I start seeing parts of me long forgotten bubbling up. I was brought up do rather [...]

Monday Mantra: Abundant life is my birth right

In last 2 weeks I was in situations when I was really aware of how abundant and amazing life can be. With my boyfriend we have left our beautiful white spanish apartment with a breathtaking ocean view we were enjoying every morning for a few months, and we were off to Paris. I was born [...]