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Hello and Welcome to my website! I hope you enjoy these articles and leave my site inspired and ready to take on the world. If you would like some additional, structured support to reach your goals and realize your dreams, please go to my Life Coaching page to see my services I offer as a Life Coach. Happy Manifesting!

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Stop saying you are fine, Mel Robbins

About the F-word and how to stop screwing yourself over

It’s mid week and I hope it has been an amazing, exciting, productive and enjoyable week for you. If not, the video below I want to share with you may change that. It’s one of my favourite TED talks and I really felt inspired to share it with you. I have a habit of watching [...]

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This weeks mantra: I trust myself fully

I’ am super excited to announce the Goddess Mantra Mondays. Setting my intentions using mantras and creating a sort of a theme for each week  became something I love to do and have been doing for years now. It makes the whole week and each day more exciting. Knowing that my intentions are very powerful manifesting [...]

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feeling stuck, manifesting tips

Stuck in a rut and feeling like it’s impossible to get what you want? Break the spell with these 3 simple ways to upgrade your manifesting power.

Feeling stuck? We all have been there. Maybe it’s the job you’ve had for years now that feels soooooo uninspiring, and even like some kind of a punishment from the gods (but you have no idea what you are being punished for, so you feel completely helpless) or worst  – not being able to find [...]

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Preview of my new E-book – Embrace Your Inner Goddess available soon on my site. Have a peak.

It’s finally here. I am so excited to release my first E-book that will soon be available on my website for FREE (yes, you heard right! smile) for all the amazing women visiting my website every day.  I created this e-book  for  all the women visiting my blog that want to dig deeper into this this fun [...]

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relationship coaching, how to attract your soulmate, relationship advice

How to attract the relationship you want in 3 steps

Me and the love of my life – Mike I have been in a relationship with for the last 6 years. He is my best friend, mentor and someone I love planning my/our future with.  We all want to be in a loving relationship, to share our lives with someone who has the same core beliefs about [...]

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Video Blog – 3 Reasons why it’s a smart thing to step into Your Goddess Self/energy.

To honor this being my Birthday week (yaaaaayyyy!!!), I wanted to do something special so here is my first video blog. ( You can watch the video below ). This Saturday I am turning 34 and I was looking back at my life a little to really reflect on how much my life has changed [...]

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Simple guide to make your affirmations work for you. Try it, it works!

Wherever we are all going (in our life, in our  careers etc…) we like to get there asap. That is what living in an “instant satisfaction” era means. Patience seams to be the thing of the past. Ad that is what seams to be the problem #1 for many people. I call it “trying to [...]

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personal development for women, tips

2 things you MUST do to live the life you want

Do you live the life you have imagined for your self? How do you feel waking up each morning? Excited and inspired or tired and feeling dead inside? What words come to mind if I asked you to describe your life to me? If you feel frustrated, hopeless or unstirred this article may help you to put [...]

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The Law Of Divine Compensation

The Power of the Law of Divine Compensation by Marianne Williamson

Marie Forleo interviews Marianne Williamson about her latest book - The Law Of Divine Compensation I have just watched one of the most powerful, beautiful and mind-opening interview I have listened to in a the last few years and I just had to blog about it. Two of my favourite inspirational women have set down to discuss work, money and [...]

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Dr. Amen, Unleash the power of the female brain

Dr. Amen on how to unleash the power of the female brain. Why women make great CEOs and leaders.

You always new it, didn’t you? You knew that you’r more powerful, smarter and capable than you tend to think. And you were right girl! And Dr. Amen, medical director of the Amen Clinics and New York Times bestselling author, has your back on this intuitive thought. In fact, he just wrote a book about it [...]

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