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2011 – The Year of Intentional Manifesting.

2011 – The Year of Positive Changes,  New Perceptions and Power Choices to make The Newt Year is here.  Its 2011 now.  I would like to take this opportunity and personally wish you to forgive easily this year (to others as well as your self) and to be aware of  your and other´s value  everyday, [...]

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Two most important facts to know about the Law of Attraction.

The First fact I would like to talk about is that the Law of Attraction only have one simple thing to do over and over again every day, all day. It only matches your vibration- your state of mind/state of your being with corresponding (like) experiences. It doesn’t judge your state of mind at all, it will [...]

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How fast can I manifest the things I want?

How fast can I manifest the things I want? This is a question ,that any people interested in the Law of Attraction are asking, doesn’t have one answer fits all form. Manifesting is very individual process. The manifesting mechanism we all use that has two parts : 1. Our vibration/ frequency made up of our [...]

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How to Use Your Emotions to Manifest Your Desires Intentionally

You may have heard this before: Thoughts, feelings and actions. These are 3 very important words in the world of intentional manifesting. I would like to specify that a little : Positive thoughts, good feelings and inspired actions. I would like to talk about the Emotions part in this blog post. In simple words: By [...]

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The secret of manifesting

Manifesting. This word became very popular in the last few years especially after the famous book and a movie The secret came out and caused a little thinking revolution. The word manifesting has a mystery attached to it for many people and many of us are fascinated by it and what it means. Manifesting to [...]

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Vision boards – your manifesting tool.

Our brain thinks in pictures, which makes vision boards a very good idea and such an effective manifesting tool. In the last few years vision boards became very popular. They are particularly helpful for people who are not as visual. I always thought that it is a natural and easy task to do, because visualizing [...]

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How to Tune up Your Manifesting Power by Getting Clear

Many times after listening to a friend or someone else complaining about their life, partner or their job, I ask: “So what DO you want?” Its not an exception to hear back: “I don’t know, but I just don’t want….. !” Many people are well aware of what’s going wrong and doesn’t feel good and [...]

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Understanding the Law of Attraction

The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.  Albert Einstein This is one of my favorite quotes and it talks about the power of our perception as well as our assumptions we make out of habit, fear or love … Law of attraction matches these [...]

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Carol Tuttle on Tapping and Creating Wealth

One of my favorite blogs is Carol Tuttle’s Blog. She has been working in the field of Energy Healing Therapy for over a decade and is a best-selling author, radio show host, speaker, and a successful business woman. She is also the creator and founder of Energy Profiling, which is really interesting and if you look into it, [...]

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The law of Assumption

This could be another name for the Law of Attraction. Our assumption are based on the system of beliefs that we currently hold. Law of attraction says : Like energies attract. You could also say that similar vibrations (electromagnetic signals we as energy beings send out to the universe we live in) we give out [...]

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