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My Power Moments and Power Lessons of 2013. What were yours?

I hope you had an amazing time spent with family and all the people you love this Christmas. This year I celebrated my Christmas in Spain with my wonderful man cooking too much yummy food and overloading on super tasty cakes from a local bakery. As an early Christmas present we have moved into a [...]

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Preview of my new E-book – Embrace Your Inner Goddess available soon on my site. Have a peak.

It’s finally here. I am so excited to release my first E-book that will soon be available on my website for FREE (yes, you heard right! smile) for all the amazing women visiting my website every day.  I created this e-book  for  all the women visiting my blog that want to dig deeper into this this fun [...]

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Video Blog – 3 Reasons why it’s a smart thing to step into Your Goddess Self/energy.

To honor this being my Birthday week (yaaaaayyyy!!!), I wanted to do something special so here is my first video blog. ( You can watch the video below ). This Saturday I am turning 34 and I was looking back at my life a little to really reflect on how much my life has changed [...]

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Life Coaching for women

On feeling beautiful, being perfect, self acceptance and manifesting the body you have been praying for

I have just had a great Coaching session with ne of my beautiful Goddesses that really inspired me to write this blogpost. Let me ask you this: Do you feel beautiful? Do you see your beauty when you look in the mirror each morning or do you see imperfections and a girl that doesn’t have [...]

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Modern Goddess Lifestyle Checklist: Take this test to find out where you are not fully in your feminine power.

Living your life as a woman in your full power and honouring the Goddess within you every day can be challenging at times. It’s helpful to have some simple ground rules that allow you to maintain the right state of being as you go through your most likely busy day. 7 Staples of the Modern Goddess Lifestyle That is [...]

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3 things you need to give up in 2013 to make this year -YOUR POWER YEAR

The 2013 is here and its an exciting time for inviting new ways of living in. This is time to indulge in new ways of thinking and starting fresh, even thinking big! I have a feeling that this year will be a POWER YEAR – the year to really shine, get out of our comfort zones and [...]

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Life Coaching workshops for women, Vancouver

Marilyn Monroe like confidence

Confidence is a degree of self -love and appreciation for our selves. When we feel beautiful inside-out, others see us as beautiful. We all have the ability to have the confidence that allows us to shine and step into our full potential, I believe. Here is a story about Marilyn Monroe I absolutely love, that demonstrate [...]

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5 Easy Ways to Step into Your Goddess Power as a Woman

First, let’s to talk about The Modern Goddess. Who is she?  The Goddess I am referring to is not some mythical figure.  She is YOU.  The Modern Goddess I am talking about is YOU in your full power and grace as a woman. She is the part of you that is clear on what you want from [...]

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Life Coaching for women, Vancouver

My Favorite Things about This Summer – The Little Things to Enjoy in Life.

It has been raining a lot in the last few days here is Vancouver. The temperature has dropped down rapidly and that is a sign that the Fall is permanently here. Summer arrived late in Vancouver, practically in August but we had an amazing, warm and sunny September. Looking back at the last two months, [...]

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Life Coaching workshops for women, Vancouver

Modern Goddess Workshop – Tuning into Your Most Feminine Side.

Fall head over heels in love with your Goddess self and your life!     The last Modern Goddess workshop was a blast. It is always an energizing time to get together with like minded women ready to step into their full power and enjoy life in new ways. My intention for these workshops is [...]

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