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This week’s Intention: Letting go of Drama – Sure Way to More Relaxing, Productive Week

 I am big believer in intentions. How we focus and put our ideas out there is a powerful element of the manifesting process. Often I found that act of setting my intentions alone is enough to create the perfect  circumstances to achieve my goals in a way that  requires very little action I need to take. Abraham Hicks [...]

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Balancing life and work

How to Balance Work and Life. Are you a Super Woman?

For many people this pursuit seams never ending. We live in a world that is moving so fast, we are bombarded with expectations or people around us ( or even our own) and there is never enough time. Do you feel like that about your life? The New Age Lifestyle What is New Age lifestyle?  It is [...]

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Miss Representation movie

Miss ~ Representation movie. Must See!

I have been hearing about this movie for a while now and I cannot wait to see it. It really exposes the power of the media that one television show at the time shapes the way  we think about our selves and the world we live in. I personally love my computer and IPhone but [...]

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Audrey Hepburn: Nothing is Impossible

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible.’” Audrey Hepburn

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Life Coaching for women

Modern Goddess Workshop Aftermath

Guide to Being a Fierce Woman The Modern Goddess workshop in Vancouver was more fun than I was prepared for. I loved every minute of it! Can’t wait to do another one. Watch out for the next one ladies! Modern Goddess Workbook I really enjoyed creating this fun workbook that explored (in detail) the 5 [...]

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We will miss you Whitney.

As one Diva leaves us, another one is born. Whitney Houston had a voice that only comes around ones in a generation. She had a gift that could give us all chills when we watched her on stage doing “her thing”. She’ ll be missed very much. Rest in peace Whitney. All our love to [...]

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Angels, Dorren Virtue

Morning Routine to Connect with Your Angels and Give Your Worries Away

If you’re worried about something, turn that worry into a prayer by asking for divine assistance with whatever is troubling you. Doreen Virtue. Do you believe in Angels? I always liked fairytales and the idea that there is someone watching over me. These days I see Angels as representation of my core belief, which is: [...]

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Brigitte Bardot Style

Brigitte Bardot: How to Re-create Her Look

Photographer: Jonathan Segade. Image source Brigitte Bardot: Makeup/ Hair/ Fashion Tips In my previous article about the French actress and  Fashion Icon – Brigitte Bardo, I gave you some tips on how to crete an extraordinary life – BB style. She was truly a mesmerizing person and an inspiration to many artists and young women over the last few decades. Her look definitely remains [...]

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Let Your Self Shine

One of my favorite quotes: “Quit apologizing for your greatness. If people can’t handle your light… Hand them a pair of shades.” Lisa Nichols I would like to challenge you to put on your best clothes, do your hair, put on some lipstick and walk with your head up today. I sometimes see women hiding [...]

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Brigitte Bardot: How to Create an Extraordinary Life in 11 Simple and Fun Ways

Brigitte Bardot -This French icon was very charismatic, daring, sexy, easy to fall in love with, smart, outspoken and controversial while looking like a little girl always just having fun. In the 50′s and 60′s, she was admired for her beauty, but also for her playful personality. She was also known for her unforgettable style and became an international Fashion [...]

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