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How to re-invent yourself and your life in 2014 in 2 simple steps.

If you thought that you are not quite perfectly set up for success in your life or your career this year, than watch the video below. It’s 13 minutes long but I guarantee you that you will not stop watching after the first couple of minutes, it’s so genuine and heart-felt. Lizzie is a young [...]

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Stop saying you are fine, Mel Robbins

About the F-word and how to stop screwing yourself over

It’s mid week and I hope it has been an amazing, exciting, productive and enjoyable week for you. If not, the video below I want to share with you may change that. It’s one of my favourite TED talks and I really felt inspired to share it with you. I have a habit of watching [...]

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feeling stuck, manifesting tips

Stuck in a rut and feeling like it’s impossible to get what you want? Break the spell with these 3 simple ways to upgrade your manifesting power.

Feeling stuck? We all have been there. Maybe it’s the job you’ve had for years now that feels soooooo uninspiring, and even like some kind of a punishment from the gods (but you have no idea what you are being punished for, so you feel completely helpless) or worst  – not being able to find [...]

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Dr. Amen, Unleash the power of the female brain

Dr. Amen on how to unleash the power of the female brain. Why women make great CEOs and leaders.

You always new it, didn’t you? You knew that you’r more powerful, smarter and capable than you tend to think. And you were right girl! And Dr. Amen, medical director of the Amen Clinics and New York Times bestselling author, has your back on this intuitive thought. In fact, he just wrote a book about it [...]

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Desire Map and May Cause Miracles event in Vancouver. What I have learned from Gabrielle Bernstein and Danielle laPorte.

This week  I went to an even that I was looking forward for more than a month now. And it was worth the wait. Danielle laPorte – Vancouver based superwoman (in my opinion at least) and Gabrielle Bernstein - the miracle worker joined their forces for at event in Vancouver that was full of all kinds of [...]

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What to do when things “go bad”

In the last few years, I realized that things “going bad” is actually a good sign. It’s mostly when we are finally ready to release some big stuff holding us back – limiting beliefs, past experiences that keep recreating fears and dis-trust in our lives, relationships that are anything else but loving, unhealthy expectations we have created [...]

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10 Goddess DONTS. Are these 10 attitudes stealing opportunities to live an amazing life away from you?

What kind of life would you like to live? Is it very different from what you are experiencing right now? If that is the case, I maybe able to shed some light on possible obstacles in your way keeping you standing still no matter how hard you work towards making the changes you want to see and feel in [...]

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Life Coaching tips to get unstuck

Simple trick to get you unstuck and excited about life again

January is an interesting time of the year. There is so much excitement and anticipation of what will happen to our golas and dream in the new year. The whole idea of setting breakthrough, sometimes pretty big goals at this time of year can create an invisible constant pressure to “do something” that may result in sort [...]

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3 things you need to give up in 2013 to make this year -YOUR POWER YEAR

The 2013 is here and its an exciting time for inviting new ways of living in. This is time to indulge in new ways of thinking and starting fresh, even thinking big! I have a feeling that this year will be a POWER YEAR – the year to really shine, get out of our comfort zones and [...]

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tips to get the most out of your day, time management

5 Simple Ways to Keeps Energized and Get the Most Out of Your Day, Every Day.

Wouldn’t it be great, if every day could be a good day? We all want to feel good, accomplished and happy at the end of our day. But that is easier said than done sometimes. When I decided to take on the life of an entrepreneur, everything changed. There was no 9 to 5 schedule (especially with clients [...]

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