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Monday mantra: I am willing to change.

Out of all the mantras in the world, I think this one is the most powerful one. ” I am willing to change “.  Helpful affirmations to compliment this week’s Monday mantra. I am now attracting the right people, opportunities and tools to become the person I want to be.  I am willing to do [...]

How to re-invent yourself and your life in 2014 in 2 simple steps.

If you thought that you are not quite perfectly set up for success in your life or your career this year, than watch the video below. It’s 13 minutes long but I guarantee you that you will not stop watching after the first couple of minutes, it’s so genuine and heart-felt. Lizzie is a young [...]

Manifesting tips

Monday Mantra to kick off your 2014 with manifesting like a Pro

So this is the first full week after all the partying and fun of the New Year’s celebration and it’s all about: How do I make my 2014 the year to feel good, in my power, productive and outrageously happy? I love January! It’s like hitting the refresh button and starting from scratch. You can [...]

My Power Moments and Power Lessons of 2013. What were yours?

I hope you had an amazing time spent with family and all the people you love this Christmas. This year I celebrated my Christmas in Spain with my wonderful man cooking too much yummy food and overloading on super tasty cakes from a local bakery. As an early Christmas present we have moved into a [...]