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Habits of Gratitude and Appreciation – the Fastest Way to Manifest What you Want

Gratitude and Appreciation- two powerful forces that could give us all we are wanting, but our habits can stand firmly in our way. These two powerful emotions are energies that can start gathering the force that will take you places you are wanting to go. Other vehicles/ways to manifest what you want may be using [...]

Purpose of relationships

Its not what we do, but how we do it and why that determines the quality of any experience as well as the outcome. The same goes for relationships. To be in a relationship is not enough to experience lasting happiness.There are many thing to learn about our selves and our partner to be able [...]

Self appreciation and manifesting Abundance

These two concepts are so tightly connected, yet many people today don’t see this connection, which causes a lot of frustration. The Law of attraction simply matches similar or same vibrations, energies, thoughts together and we see it as a manifestations of the events in our lives bringing us closer to what we want or [...]

How to Become Rich Immediately

Our Abundance relies on our perception of it. I found a great video on utube the other day, that was a fantastic reminder of this fact and I would like to share it with you. Here it is : Habits of Awareness  So how do we  start to establish the habits of Abundance awareness. We [...]