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Simple guide to make your affirmations work for you. Try it, it works!

Wherever we are all going (in our life, in our  careers etc…) we like to get there asap. That is what living in an “instant satisfaction” era means. Patience seams to be the thing of the past. Ad that is what seams to be the problem #1 for many people. I call it “trying to [...]

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Balancing life and work

How to Balance Work and Life. Are you a Super Woman?

For many people this pursuit seams never ending. We live in a world that is moving so fast, we are bombarded with expectations or people around us ( or even our own) and there is never enough time. Do you feel like that about your life? The New Age Lifestyle What is New Age lifestyle?  It is [...]

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11 Healing Affirmations for Heathy Body

I hope these affirmations will help you to re-create and affirm your health. It’s the most important thing we are responsible for in our lives. When we feel energized, healthy and full of life, we can achieve anything in life. Take the time to take care of the temple for your precious soul – YOUR BODY. I am filled [...]

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Affirmations to Feel Energized and Clear-minded

• I pursue my life’s purpose and passion. • I appreciate my self and value I bring to the world every day. • I feel energized and clear-minded. • I tap into my happiness every day in as many ways as possible. • I expect things to work out for me.  • I take action [...]

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Empowering beliefs

5 Empowering Beliefs/Affirmations to Adopt This Year

What most of the time stands in a way of us being able to manifest the results we are looking for after taking a certain action, is our underlying Limiting Belief system. Action is very important in the manifesting process but it cannot make up for a fearful mentality and wishful or chaotic thinking. “We [...]

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12 Daily Power Affirmations

Affirm the way you want your life to be. Having the state of mind that allows for your life to unfold in miraculous, perfect ways is a habit. Your mind is like any other muscle in your body. It can be trained. Here are some affirmations I love that can start creating this mindset and [...]

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Limitless Mind Set – How to affirm your success in life

It was my Birthday this week so my boyfriend planned a little celebration for me. Yummy dinner and a movie I have been very excited to see for a few weeks now: Limitless. It was as good as I was hoping for. Fun to watch and full of ideas for my mind to explore the [...]

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Love Your Self. It’s is your birth right.

Hello ! I hope you are having a great day while reading this post. This post is dedicated to loving and appreciating our selves every day for the miracle that we are.  Every day many people are being challenged to feel good about them selves and fail often due to the demanding world and society of perfectionism [...]

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Beauty Mantras: Creating CONFIDENCE one sentence at the time.

What are affirmations ? Affirmations are positive statements that describe in positive words a desired situation, event, habit or goal, and which are repeated mentally or aloud. When these statements are repeated often, they eventually take root in the subconscious mind and influence it to act accordingly. This is really about reprogramming your mind and how you [...]

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