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DISCLAIMER: To protect the privacy of my clients, some of the names are not displayed fully.


” Life coaching with Erika was the best birthday present I’ve ever given to myself! “

I was feeling very blue about turning 30. I thought I would be married and have a first baby, or at least be in a great long-term relationship. But I didn’t even have a date. I was feeling awfully homesick, lonely, empty, lost, not confident at all and scared at work hating my job. Erika has such a positive energy and just spending time with her already made me feel energized. She inspired me to decide to live a happy and positive life.

“Erika  gave me a lot of practical tools and techniques during the coaching sessions, and I was so amazed how an intention can change your everyday life so easily.”

The effect of the coaching started right away. My work situation improved immediately. My fears were gone and I was doing a better job. Also I was able to socialize with coworkers better. In the 2nd week (of the Life coaching ), one of the senior team members told me that I did a wonderful job which he never did before (or he probably didn’t even notice me before). Then in the 3rd week, the manager told me that she’d heard I was doing a great job! I never received any positive comments from her before neither. And surprisingly, I was not tired after work anymore.
I started to get closer to friends and people started to set me up for dates. On the 30th day, a friend’s friend e-mailed me asking me to go on a coffee date. Although that was not a good match, I already had 4 coffee dates lined up all through different friends! On 34th day, my current boyfriend e-mailed me asking for a coffee date. On 45th day, we went for a walk and coffee. It was a blind date set up by my friend, but we were incredibly compatible. We have a wonderful relationship since!
On 54th day, I got a new position internally which I really wanted! I have been feeling incredibly happier since I started taking Erika’s coaching.

I can recommend her coaching to anyone, because it works!!

Mie T, Vancouver BC

Erika’s note : In this testimonial  Mie is referring my my specific 30 days approach to Life Coaching. I am extremely proud of her turning her life around in just 60 days. Way to go!

I am also very happy to report that Mie recently got married and is really enjoying her new life.

” Working with Erika literally changed my life, plain and simple.”

If you are ready to make a change and are ready to move forward in your life, then Erika is your woman! I have found her approach to be very helpful and hands on. Often we try to over-complicate things but she keeps it clear and concise. She has helped me shift core beliefs and uncover elements of my nature that Ididn’t know existed. Having a consistent routine and reliable exercises and tools to fall back on, I have noticed more and more amazing things occurring in my life that I didn’t realize were even possible.

The sessions have helped me immensely to move forward, to feel gratitude for the world around me and to remind me what it means to be truly happy. One of the greatest ideas I have taken away from this can be summed up by this quote from Albert Einstein: “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”

I would absolutely recommend Erika’s coaching for anyone that truly wants to have tools and knowledge to make significant changes in themselves and live their best live!

Megan’s Testimonial for the Morning and Evening Energy Routines, which are an essential part of my Coaching practice: 

I found the Energy Routines to be particularly useful in the morning. It helps to set the tone for your habits throughout the day and I found it heightened my awareness and gave me energy as well. As I continued to do various exercises, I started noticing small changes in my life and the changes started to get better and bigger as my new beliefs and energy patterns started to set in. It’s easy to incorporate them into your life just as you would brush your teeth or take a shower in the morning. It helps to get an understanding of  how you have the power to attract better experiences into your life.

Megan, model and actor, Vancouver BC

“Erika’s approach is very authentic. She is not just sharing some wisdom she read or learned somewhere— you can tell that she truly lives what she teaches. Erika is a woman who walks her talk! “

Erika’s Goddess workshop was a lot of fun,very motivational, inspiring and highly stimulating. She really gets you thinking about making changes. I walked out feeling like a different woman!

Janka, Vancouver BC

” Erika’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious.” 

She is a pleasure to work with. She challenges her clients to be the best they can be and provides them with support and guidance. Erika is a fantastic coach and wonderful woman.
Anca Pietroianu, Life and Dating Coach, Vancouver, BC


“The way Erika Coaches and communicates with you is unbelievable! She brings out only the best of you – Your Inner Goddess. The Morning and Evening energy routines have honestly changed my life.”

It is the the first thing and the last thing I do in the morning and at night to bring the magic to my day.  My life had changed in such a positive and manifesting way. Coaching with Erika was the best gift I have ever given to my self. I would highly recommend to see this magical Goddess Erika.

Lana, Vancouver BC

” I appreciate the insights you were able to offer me within such a short space of time.”

It is rare indeed to meet someone who can help you see what might not be serving you anymore.I have greatly appreciated both your professionalism and obvious love of your job, but also your kindness.

Sarah, teacher, Vancouver BC

“Erika helped me focus on building up my business. After each session, Erika sent me emails that summarized our discussion, had useful suggestions and were choc-full of excellent resources.”

Included in these resources were Erika’s Morning/Evening Energy routines which did really help me set myself up for success each day.  As a result of our sessions, I felt I had a new, clear structure that I was motivated to follow.

Erika’s coaching definitely impacted my growth!

Monica Regan, Life Coach, and author of the Amazon#1 Bestselling Book The DREAM Power Goal System,

Vancouver BC

” Erika taught me that if you want to be a happy, you shouldn’t wait. You have to find it and grab it! “

I was a kind of person always waiting for someone or something. She helped me to change my negative attitude and move on in life.
Also, I started to take care of my physical appearance and my body more while establishing healthy lifestyle like…going to yoga and exercising regularly, eating healthy food…I now have a confidence which I never had before in my life!
I had transformed mentally and physically now. I still need to work on some of my bad habits, but so far I’m walking toward a happy future. Thank you Erika !

Tia, Vancouver BC

Praise From My Male Coaching Clients

” Erika, You are a true ROLE MODEL for anyone who wants to make changes to their life! “

You know what you are talking about and you have the talent to be “spot on” when recognizing where people are stuck in their lives and then free them. I knew I was missing something and my life was about hard work…You identified and helped me implement those missing pieces so I could start creating my dreams effortlessly.

In Appreciation,

Shawn, Calgary AB

“Erika is one of the most genuine, caring and attentive people I have ever met. Her passion and dedication to help individuals like me achieve great breakthrough and results, combined with her endless library of resources make her one of the best Life Coaches I have met.”

Her approach of making everyone feel safe is key in allowing people to release their limiting beliefs. Thanks to her coaching, I have realized just how much I am in my head over analyzing things rather than being in action. Within the first month of coaching I started seeing patterns and behaviors that were not serving me to move forward as I was too attached to surviving rather than succeeding. Thanks to her coaching, I have met an incredible woman, connected with people that will help me grow my businesses by leaps and bounds and have felt more energy and better health than I have had in a very long time.

Erika constantly challenged me in a positive way that allowed me the opportunity to understand how my choice of words, my energy and my attitude affect everything I do. I lost 10 lbs in under 2 weeks without dieting and a little bit of exercise as my connection to my body and my energy shifted. She provided excellent and simple routines for me to do to shift my energy and overall well being in achieving my dreams.  She is very meticulous and always takes the time to ensure you are seeing how much light/energy and love is around you.

She is absolutely fantastic and I have already recommended her to several friends and will continue to do so, to anyone that is open and willing to step out of their comfort zone and achieve results!

Josef Stetter, Toronto, ON

“Working with Erica has been truly rewarding and inspirational.”

Erica has shown me the intricacies of life, with regards to manifesting, abundance, self respect and appreciation, to name a few and taught them in a way that has been useful and understandable. I think that anyone could benefit from Erika’s services, her services represent an excellent value.

To describe Erica in one word would be awesome!

Dan M. ,Vancouver BC

I met Erika unexpectedly while enjoying the outdoors. Little did I know that I would be finally understanding the reasons things and people manifest into our lives, years later. I am grateful for this understanding I gained through her. Having a repressed childhood, my problems were deep. Erika was there for me, and guided me to be able to control and change the circumstances of my life.

“I know her as an amazing counselor who has an incredible patience, a willing teacher with a lot of experience, a friend like no other, with the care and affection to say things as they truly are. While this list is in no way exhaustive, I cannot put into words why I find her the best coach in my life!”

Rahm Lavon, Vancouver BC

More Testimonials coming soon.