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Our brain thinks in pictures, which makes vision boards a very good idea and such an effective manifesting tool.

In the last few years vision boards became very popular. They are particularly helpful for people who are not as visual. I always thought that it is a natural and easy task to do, because visualizing was very easy for me. What I have struggled with in the past was a consistent focus on the vision (I have always been very energetic and curious person and I could get distracted very easily).

After talking to all kinds of people I meet or coach now, I realized that we are all different and use our senses in many different ways and intensities. We also have our individual challenges in focusing on our goals.

vision board, manifesting

What is Vision Board?

A vision board is a simple yet powerful visualization tool that helps you to keep your focus.

Through your focus you activate the universal Law of Attraction and can begin manifesting your dreams into reality.  A vision board is simply a visual representation or collage of images – images of the things/experiences you want to have in your life. It can consist of cut-out pictures, drawings or writings/affirmations etc…

By selecting pictures and words/ statements that create a strong positive emotions (feelings of passion, etc…), you will set your focus in the place which can then draw/ attract the desired things, people and opportunities into your life.

Why is it worth your time to make your own vision board

If you are someone who finds visualizing challenging, making a vision board will be a really good use of your time. And on the top of it, it is fun and relaxing. Think about this:

How many times do we spend hours by watching TV feeding our brains with images that create more fear, worry or confusion?

Have a TV free day and go, dream about the life you want. Put your favorite music on and THINK BIG.

Start browsing through magazines today and see what’s your vision of your future is.

Useful tips to make a vision board

  • #1. As I said : Think big and let no fear to dictate what you can have and what is out of your reach. Make the board colorful and happy, so it can energize you each time you will look at it. Use uplifting pictures, your favorite affirmations and quotes and have fun with it.
  • #2. Place your board in the spot that you can see it often and preferably as the first thing in the morning to set your thoughts, focus and therefore your energy in the right place.

a vission board, manifesting A LITTLE TIP:  If you would like to carry your vision board with you wherever you go, you can use a small photo album to create your vision. You can use each page or a few pages for vision of the specific sections of your life like: my job, my love life, my health, my new apartment….

It will make your vision board portable and allow you to refresh your focus and reinforce the individual images of your desired future where ever you are. This could be your little pick me up tool.:-)

  • #3. DON’t try to figure out how it all will manifest. Your doubt is a very strong energy that can manifest many obstacles in the process of manifesting your goals. Instead stay open to receive and allow the universe to orchestrate the opportunities and all the hows. To demonstrate that, you can read my little manifesting story in my other article.

How to make Vision board video:

This video is made by an awesome lady that inspires me as a coach very much – Lilou Mace. I hope this video will  inspire you.