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What kind of life would you like to live?

Is it very different from what you are experiencing right now?

If that is the case, I maybe able to shed some light on possible obstacles in your way keeping you standing still no matter how hard you work towards making the changes you want to see and feel in your life.

When I think about the definition of Goddess lifestyle these are the things that come to mind:

Job I enjoy that keeps me happy and inspired in life.

Wonderful girlfriends I can trust, learn from and lean on anytime.

An amazing, caring man that treats me with respect and love. Someone I can call my best friend as well as a partner in life.

Days filled with fun challenges, great conversations and great food.


Simple pleasures like a beautiful, heathy breakfast on a sunny balcony with a nice mountain view every morning (which is what I always do whenever I can living in Vancouver).

Days spent in Chapters reading my favorite books and relaxing, learning, meeting interesting people. 

Traveling to see the world, new cultures, gaining new incredible experiences. 

Keeping in mind my favorite definition of the Law of Attraction principle

 “We don’t attract what we want, we attract who we are”

it is important we get clear on what personality trades we may have are serving us well and which ones are attracting experiences keeping us stuck, poor, in the corner, unhappy and feeling hopeless.

During my Coaching practice I have noticed some strong and common beliefs that women tend to hold on to as defencing mechanisms not realizing that those are actually the very things that are keeping them stuck for years.

Here some examples of the attitudes I have encountered in my Coaching practice that I strongly recommend NOT to hold on to if you want live a life that truly feels like life is suppose to feel – free, fun, fulfilling and easy (not challenge-free but laso not like you have to work very hard for every little thing you want).

10 Goddess DONTS. Are these attitudes stealing opportunities to live an amazing life away from you?

1. I don’t need to look great all the time.


Have you ever met a successful, happy woman that looks like crap every time you see her? Me neither. We are suppose to take pride in who we are and the way we dress is a very simple but clear expresion of how we see our selves.

When I worked as a Image Consultant I could really see the shifts in personality and the way my clients would light up when they put their best clothes on. This is an easy way to tap into your most confidant self (even if it will feel little challenging to learn how to handle the new type of attention you may get). Yea, it takes some effort but when you look good you feel good, and that could attract miracles into your life sometimes.

Don’t be too busy to attend to your happiness and confidence.

2. I don’t need to impress people. I don’t care what people think about me.

This is good and easy cover up for many fears. It an easy way so we don’t have to deal with attention and expectation that may put us in a place where we may disappoint ourselves or others.

We were never meant to try to be perfect, but we were never meant to hide neither. So what if we fail here and there. Failures are great teachers and if embraced a great way to developing healthy expectations powered by curiosity more than our fears.

3. I don’t need compliments. 

I keep low profile, try to fit in all the time to make sure that I dont rock anybody’s boat. If this sounds anything like you, this year I suggest that you learn how to purposely invite compliments in.

We live in society that doesn’t like to praise too much as if it is a sin or something. I personally think that it is the main reason why many people are constantly feeling low energy and uninspired. Lets start Complimenting revolution – give them any chance you get and seek them like a little delicious moments of self love.

4. I don’t like to bag for things. I am an independent, strong woman. I don’t need help.

Life Coaching tips to overcome exhaustion

This one is very dangerous. We were always meant be connecting on a deep personal levels as human beings and anytime you will have a dream of accomplishing something outstanding, you will need the help of others. And that is the only way to get where you going faster, easier and actually it’s more rewarding.

We have a natural need to contribute into each others  lives and the “independent , I can do it on my own mentality” is actually against our very nature as spiritual being that we are. Independent, I can do it on my own mentality = struggle and it’s way less fun. Let go of this attitude, it’s bogas! And I mean it.

5. I don’t need to brag about how amazing I am.

OK, so this is one of my favourite. Humbleness has such a great reputation so it seams to be the way to go for many people. But if you start really looking around you will notice that  it’s not as “rewarded” as the the ability to confidently putt your self out there no matter how much other would like you to dim your light.

Don’t dim your light girl! SHINE ON! We are all so unique, incredibly gifted and aching to feel on purpose. Do it! For your self and others to follow your example.

6. I don’t have time for this Goddess stuff. It’s not for me. I am too busy.

If you are too busy to reach into your most powerful resource you have as a woman, you have your priorities mixed up. There are way too many women out there competing with man.We were NEVER meant to that. Our strength and purpose on this planet is very different than those of man. We have been give special powers – intuition, compassion, ability to connect and care for others in an amazing, loving way that man are not naturally wired to do.Leverage it – in your life, in your relationships and even in business.

Learning about your most feminine way of being is not only more intuitive, it’s smart. If you are competing with your boyfriend or boss, a husband in life it will likely cause the man in your life to treat you like a man. And why would you want that if you can be treated like a LADY? Right?

7. I don’t need to be super successful.

Please, keep in mind that there are many forms od success – being stay at home mom raising an incredible family is one of them, having a high paying job you love is another. They are equal as long as they make you happy. My point is, it’ your birth right to have a wonderful life but you need to WANT it first, invite things in.

The universe is only going to bring you the experiences that you will consciously ALLOW. It honors your every word and thought in very word for word way sometimes. So being humble can keep you secretly waiting for more but never receiving your desires. Step up, allow your self to think big and let the universe to deliver what you TRULY want.

8. I don’t like to speak up. People often ignore me or don’t value what I say, so what’s the point.

It’s not an easy thing to be honest with your self and others sometimes. Many time this belief is also just a cover up  fears, stealing some amazing illuminating moments away from you in which you could find your voice, discover that people appreciate and respect you more than you think.

Also when you stop being honest with your self and suppressing your truth, you may end up loosing your identity as a person which is your compas to finding the purpose in life that is uniquely yours and very important to discover if you want to ever feel like ” everything is making perfect sense finally”.

9. I don’t need better friends. I accept people as they are.


I firmly believe in choosing my company in life. It’s one of the most important skills you can ever develop. We are often greatly influenced by the people closest to us so it’ important that choose the people that make you feel appreciated, inspired and supported. I often see my clients struggling with leaving certain people behing when they decide to make a dramatic change in their lifestyle.

It’s actually one of the most common obstacles why people get stuck, stop growing and stop expecting better things. People in our lives are our teachers and sometimes they teach us to raise our standarts and let go of anything (including people we have known for years) that doesn’t support our vision for the life we want to live.

10. I don’t expect people to see how amazing I am. It’s the world we live in. I am use it. I doesn’t bother me.

The last sentence is a clear lie that we sometimes choose to tell our selves, because no one wants to live a mediocre life. We may have given up on this idea at one point, but if you ask any 5 years old girl what she wants to do when she grows up, you may get things like – president, teacher, super star, dancer or something else fun, extraordinary and exciting.

Over time we start treating our talents as silly daydreaming and get practical. We put our effort to show the world how amazing we are to rest and don’t expect the world will fight us on it.

Take a risk and expect people to notice your talents and unique gifts. It may take some time for you to learn how to use these gifts in the most powerful way you  can and for others to see the value in it, but that is your purpose, the only way to experience profound happiness that is fully generated by you and your passions. The inly way that requires no other people to be present for you to feel your happiness constantly.

Are any of these attitudes ringing a bell?

If that is true, leave me a comment below and if this article was helpful to you, please share your thoughts with us. I hope I was able to shine some light on these “bogas” way off thinking that can be building walls around us stealing happiness and joy from us daily.

Have a beautiful, miraculas day everyone and get your Goddess ON today. Lighten up the world around you and be the reason for others to consider a new, more intuitive and easier way of being.

With love,



Feel beautiful today