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Our thoughts and words are powerful tool that can assist us to build the life that we dream of.  Unfortunately, many times we don’t use them so wisely.

Is your language aligned with the vision you have for your life?

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In next few days pay attention to your words and common phrases you use to see if you need to make some corrections and get new speech habits in place.

Remember, each word we say is an affirmation, so choose them with your goals and dreams in mind. Here are some great examples of words to use that can affirm the life you want.

  • 1. All is well. I am in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.

  • 2. I choose to live life that makes me happy and allows me to step into my full potential. I find new creative ways how to do that every day.

  • 3. I am open to receive all good that life has to offer to me.

  • 4. I use my words and my thoughts wisely. I choose words of empowerment that energize me and inspire my to live my best life.

  • 5. I accept my self fully and completely now. Every day, in every way I am becoming more powerful creator of my life.


  • 6. I attract the best people that can support me and assist me with achieving my golas in life.

  • 7. It’s here. I am ready now.

  • 8. I attract solutions easily and effortlessly.

  • 9. I like taking actions that support my goals and plans to create the life I love daily. I choose where I put my energy and time wisely.

  • 10. I choose my company in life and surround my self with the people that support me and allow me to grow as a person. People in my life inspire me and add joy to my daily life.

Do you have a favorite affirmation that you could share with us?

Post it below in the comment box. I am sure it will very much appreciated by all my blog readers.