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I have been watching the news every day keeping my self updated on the situation in Japan right now which is rare for me as I believe there is a lot of miss-information out there that the media presents to us, but its important to be informed about events like these.

Japan is experiencing a true nightmare. This country is really being tested on just how much can a nation deal with at the same time – earthquake, tsunami, nuclear emergency and as I just found out a volcano erupting in a different area of Japan. Hard to believe and so unlikely for it to happen all at once, you would think. Yet reality is one of the most devastating natural disasters turned global nuclear emergency this little blue planet have faced in a long time.

Natural flow of life (disasters included)

If I thought I had some problems lately, as of now – I DONT!

Everything that was making my life challenging or hard lots its importance and its ability to overpower my life. It had diminished as soon as I saw the images of people caught up in the devastation of the snowballing events the whole world is watching while hoping for a miracle. Soon after me and my boyfriend got an early Saturday morning Skype message about the Fukushima global nuclear emergency everything else in my life was put into perspective.

What are the little fears I face every day compared to the fear of radiation exposure that so many people feel right now?

As I was watching the footage of families being evacuated from their homes and mothers calming down their children in a state of shock created by the chaos and fear all around, I really no longer had a good excuse to not live my life the way it honors it.

Recognizing the things, people and relationships that do matter or don’t matter at all all of the sudden got very easy.

I am alive and safe and so are the people that I love the most. That can change in matter of minutes as the people in Japan are experiencing now. Earthquake, Tsunamis and other crisis are a part of life on this planet. It’s not something to be avoided, but rather to be experienced, while looking closely for the opportunity they present.

In the time of crisis we change

The busy and demanding lives we live today can creates little fears that are, as I see now, only an illusions that can cloud our vision. I was just experiencing a powerful ” earthquake” in my own relationship when the events in Japan unfolded and it really shifted my perspective on “the problem” that all of the sudden seamed so easy to resolve and let go of.

It changed my approach to processing the initial conflict with my boyfriend so much it ended up being the event that improved the quality of our relationship in such powerful and unexpected ways.

I am very happy to say that his natural disaster had a happy ending. Me and my boyfriend had survived the sudden earthquake followed by tsunami of emotions and were able to rebuild our relationship on new grounds, clearer and happier than ever before. The sudden earthquake sped up the evolution of our love and appreciation for each other. I hope this is exactly whats being presented to us at this time in Fukushima’s case.

Japan now: the time of crisis versus the time of opportunities

Years ago I have learned that the in Japanese language the word crisis and opportunity is the same word. After doing some researching on line, here is what I found and I would like to share it with you:

The Japanese word, “Kiken” means “danger”, and it’s made up of two characters: “ki” and “ken”. There’s another word for “opportunity”, and that’s the word, “kikai”. It’s also made up of two characters, “ki” (not the same as the one for danger) and “kai”. Now here’s why I love this language: If you take the first character of “kiken”, danger, and combine it with the first character of “kikai”, “opportunity”, you have a whole new word, pronounced (can you guess?) “Kiki”.

And it means… “crisis”:  a time of danger – a time of opportunity.

We as human race are facing the time of opportunity to express our compassion and resourcefulness, put our own lives on hold for a while and do what we can to help each other to get through crisis that could affect many countries, not just Japan. Most importantly we need to reconsider our choices when it comes to energy sources and the reasons to hold back on introducing renewable, safe sources of energy NOW. There are many available to us at this moment and can be fully integrated as a permanent part of our lifestyle.

Here are  5 common sources of sustainable energy

These are the sources we are aware of and use in some capacity:

  • Wind power
  • Solar energy
  • Tidal and wave power
  • Hydroelectric energy
  • Geothermal energy

Here is an article I found that is a great introduction to alternative energy.

Its time to evolve.

The time to do that has never been more appropriate.Our new mantras could be:

I am making my daily consumer choices based on sustaining to the well being of every person on the mother Earth. I am willing to change and I am open to new ways of living and taking action. We can do this! I have full faith in our ability to get through this time of crisis and to create a brighter future for the generations to come.

Here is how you can help right away:

Dr. Emoto requests assistance for Japan in the form of prayer and positive intention

Learn more.