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Having a healthy and supportive Belief System is the key to manifesting our preferred reality. If things are not going your way, check into your beliefs attached to the goal you have in mind.

For those who believeno proof is necessary. For those who don’t believeno proof is possible.” Stuart Chase

Are you clearly aware of your core belief systems?

Simple Way to Purge Your Believe System

There are really only two types of beliefs – thoughts that we keep thinking over and over again and often label them as  the “truth”.

  • Beliefs that energize us. Those thoughts will power you right up , GIVE you energy and are the link to more empowering thoughts that are the tools to reach your goals faster and with less effort.
  • Beliefs that TAKE our energy.  Those beliefs leave us uninspired, overwhelmed and hopeless. When we act on those, we often end up ” chasing our own tale”, or achieving very little considering the amount of effort put towards our goals.
It’s really that easy to decide which thought patterns to let go of and which thoughts to keep practicing more. Just get present, pause for a minute and check into your energy levels.
Are they going up or down?
If you are starting to feel tired or overwhelmed, it’s time to ask some very important questions.

2 questions to ask when deciding on what mentality to keep and what thoughts to trash:

  • Is this thought really serving me?
  • Do I want this thought to be creating my reality?

Do your choices of thought tire you, or energize and inspire you? Do you loose energy to them or do you get powered up?
Answer these question honestly and choose the perception that truly serves and supports you.

Positive belief system that supports your goals