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Dr. Daniel Amen, Unleash the power of the female brain

You always new it, didn’t you? You knew that you’r more powerful, smarter and capable than you tend to think.

And you were right girl!

And Dr. Amen, medical director of the Amen Clinics and New York Times bestselling author, has your back on this intuitive thought. In fact, he just wrote a book about it that will change the way we as women think about our brain.

It’s time for you to fall in love with your brain. There are many great reasons to do so. Just keep on reading. 

Dr. Amen on the Power of the Female Brain

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This insightful and empowering book is based in 80 000 brain scans study at Dr. Amen’s clinics, and 22 years of experience Dr. Daniel G. Amen has in the medical field.

Here is what he found out after looking at 46 000 scans and comparing male and female brain:

Female brain is radically different. It’s much more active, much busier. 

One of my favourite youtube videos is marriage expert Mark Gungor explaining the differences between the way men and women think and function in life, in the most hilarious way. And it reflex quite well on what Dr. Amen’s study of the male and female brain.  

The Amazing Female Brain

First time I’ve heard about the Unleash the power of the female brain book, I knew I had to get my hands on it. I love previous Dr. Amen books – [easyazon-link asin=”0812929985″ locale=”us”]Change Your Brain, Change Your Life: The Breakthrough Program for Conquering Anxiety, Depression, Obsessiveness, Anger, and Impulsiveness[/easyazon-link]; Change Your Brain, Change Your Body…and I know that this new book will be just as eye opening as the other ones.

In the video below Dr.Amen talks about the unique strengths and vulnerabilities of the female brain. I have learned a lot just by watching this video.

Watch this video of Dr. Amen explaining why Better brain = Better life. Below, you will find my notes on this inspiring and what could also be life-changing information that Dr. Amen shares with the world in his new book.

The facts about the power of the female brain

Why women are naturally build for leadership

Dr.Amen,The power of the female brain

The front 3rd of the brain – prefrontal cortex also called the executive part part of the brain is much bussier in women compared to the male’s brain. This executive part of the brain is the source of forethought,  judgement, impulse control/self control, organization, planning, empathy, intuition, collaboration…

As Dr. Amen explains, that’s why females go to jail much less, 14 times less to be exact, than man do.

That’s also why females naturally make great CEOs  and leaders. This now known fact has definitely been under-utilized in our society in the past but there is a strong trend that is being reported in many industries of women stepping into their power in the corporate world and creating more heart-based businesses.

I think that the business world has been in a desperate need of the female touch for a while now. We are able to bring so much heart and soft, nurturing energy to what could otherwise be very ego-driven, competitive and even cold world.

Vulnerabilities of the female brain

On the other hand, because of the higher brain activity women can have higher incidents of anxiety, depression, eating disorders, insomnia, pain…

The good news is that Dr. Amen’s book can teach women how to:

  • optimize the female brain
  • how to strengthen the parts of the female brain that are already strong
  • how to overcome some of it the female’s brain vulnerabilities

In the video above Dr.Amen  takes about a simple, but powerful 12 minute meditation to rest your brain. I will definitely give it a try.

The book also has a whole chapter on female ADD (sounds familiar?). Studies have shown that when females try to concentrate (and push them selves to do so), their brain activity droppes dramatically.

Female ADD. Do you feel like you are victim to it?

Female add,Dr,Amen, Power of the female brain

This is why I am so interested in this book. I personally have suffered from some form of ADD myself, I am sure of  it.

Just a few years ago I was addicted to multitasking, having hard time to concentrate on one task/one thing at the time. Not multitasking would make me uncomfortable, even nervous. My body (and my life) was suffering from lots of unnecessary stress and luck of attention to what was really important. Unfinished projects and never reached goals were more present in my life than I would have liked and I felt like I had very little power to change that.

But I did. I re-trained my brain.

I had to acknowledge that I have very overactive mind/brain and I had to learn how to tame the beast. I had to learn how to slow down, breathe, feed and hydrate my brain better but the effort really paid off.

The first thing I noticed was that my migraines went away, almost completely. If you have ever suffered from a migrane, you know how huge that is.

Other benefits I started to see were: better skin (funny enough Dr. Amen studiesas shown that better brain means better, more beautiful skin ), better sleep and actually being able fall asleep much faster.

I also realized that I was able to make better decisions, overall felt more confidant and actually started to attract better people and opportunities in life. After all, our life becomes what we think about.

How healthy is your brain? Do you wonder?

Unleash the power of the female brain will allow you to asses and improve the help of your brain in 3 steps :

  • Brain envy – care about your brain
  • Avoid anything that hurts your brain
  • Do what makes your brain healthier – like choosing a better diet, meditation, taking supplements that nurture your brain…

Dr.Amen’s book teaches women how to:

  1. Straighten, optimize and heal your brain
  2. Harness the unique strength of your brain
  3. Explain  some confusion about hormones
  4. Optimize your brain for love, sex and relationships. YES!

 You can lear learn more about this book @

Have a beautiful day and let me know what you think about this book or what are the particular challenges that are experiencing when it comes to the way your brain/mind works.