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“When I need help, I ask for it ” ~ Quote from the movie Chocolat.

Often we struggle in life because we hold on to our pride, to our ( sometimes unreasonable) independence and the believe that asking for help is the sigh of weakness. In truth, asking and allowing other people to help us is an expression of a healthy believe system based in trust, ability to connect with others on deep levels and our spirit’s nature. We are all connected at all times, it is just up to us to be aware of this connestion, act on it and allow life to flow through co-creation with others.

Is there a dream, a goal you have that you would love to receive some assistance with? 

Put it out to the universe and and be open to receive the support and guidance you need. Share your goals with others and let the universe to arrange for opportunities to get the help you ned and realize your desires. Act on it and live it up!

If you haven’t seen this amazing movie, I suggest you give it a try. You will fall in love with it as much as I did, I am sure.

 Pride and manifesting your desires