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Gratitude and Appreciation- two powerful forces that could give us all we are wanting, but our habits can stand firmly in our way.

These two powerful emotions are energies that can start gathering the force that will take you places you are wanting to go. Other vehicles/ways to manifest what you want may be using too much of your energy and also taking way too long, so you loose the motivation and maybe even decide that its time to give up.

I say : ” Change the vehicle! Get appreciative. Fuel up on Gratitude” and go full force ahead.

Habits we have to change to receive Abundance

We are though to look for the flaws in our selves and the world around us to make things better, perfect and to move forward towards our goals. Most of the people interested in my services as a life coach are just exhausted from the effort they make, seeing very little results. I have not worked with one lazy person yet. The opposite is mostly the case.

A lot of people are asking a common question: What am I doing wrong?

The answer is that we just don’t stop to ” smell the roses ” and skip the moment of giving our selves a pat on the back, that can actually multiply our attracting power  in a ways we cant even comprehend sometimes.
The same happens when we praise a person on our team or our son, daughter, co-worker etc… Yes, its a nice thing to d, but if you are aware of the Law of Attraction, you will practice gratitude and appreciation any chance you get because it’s your best tool for fast manifesting.

How fast can you introduce new habits of Gratitude and Appreciation?

The energy you give out, is the energy you get back.

Here is a little exercise : On a piece of t paper write down 20 things you appreciate and love about your self. Many people I asked to do this exercise say, they will have a hard time to come up with 20 things. That’s how much we are trained to think and act in the other direction- criticizing our selves and others.

Its time to start reprogramming our software and installing new programs as they all become subconscious after some time and start running automatically every morning.

These habits of thinking then are largely responsible for creating our current reality.

Doing this every day can change your life. Literally ! It only takes a few minutes, but it will elevate your energy into the frequencies/ vibration of a successful person you were meant to be. The best time for this is in the morning before you ll start your day, even right after you wake up still  in your cozy bed.

Take time to appreciate others to manifest the same for your self

Another good habit to get into is at least once a day appreciate someone you come in contact with at work, at home, at the store…… no place is wrong.If you can invest a few minutes a day to these eventually 🙂 simple tasks, you are on your way to much happier life. Remember, what you give out is what comes back to you.

Gratitude and appreciation are slightly different energies/emotions, and the best explanation I have ever heard of this slight difference   comes from Abraham Hicks. Watch this amazing video to understand what I am talking about here: