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How fast can I manifest the things I want? This is a question ,that any people interested in the Law of Attraction are asking, doesn’t have one answer fits all form. Manifesting is very individual process. The manifesting mechanism we all use that has two parts :

  • 1. Our vibration/ frequency made up of our current mental, emotional and spiritual state. We can focus and line up all of these energies to create clear signal/frequency to “broadcast” out to the universe.
  • 2. Law of Attraction matches this signals with physical stuff, people and experiences of the same frequency/vibration.

“We are all Vibrational Beings. You’re like a receiving mechanism that when you set your tuner to the station, you’re going to hear what’s playing. Whatever you are focused upon is the way you set your tuner, and when you focus there for as little as 17 seconds, you activate that vibration within you. Once you activate a vibration within you, Law of Attraction begins responding to that vibration, and you’re off and running -whether it’s something wanted or unwanted”. ~ Abraham Hicks

The second part of this manifesting mechanism is a universal law and its fully automatic. It is entirely “universe’s business”. Our business is to regulate our vibration and to understand the law of Attraction just like it is good to read a manual that comes with the phone we love using every day. To understand the mechanism of the Law of attraction you can visit this page on my site.
I would like to spend some time here talking about how we can regulate our vibration/ signal. The clarity of our signal and whether we are tuned into the right frequency (according to the specific thing we would like to manifest) is what determines the speed at which what we are wanting will manifest into our physical reality.

How do I maintain the right vibration/frequency?

How fast can I manifest what I want First you need to get very clear about what you really want. Many people fail here as they are not specific enough. It’s hard for the universe to deliver what will make you really happy, when you are not sure what it is your self. Make a list, long and very specific list. I do this each time I approach manifesting something important to me and my happiness.

Once you are really clear about your desire you can create a little plan how to maintain your vibration.

The Plan: Line up your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and actions to create a CLEAR signal. This is how you get serious about having what you want at the end of this process.

What do I have to do to manifest what you want?

  • 1. CHOOSE the way you are going to think about what you are wanting to experience. The word CHOOSE is very important here. You have to forget what everyone else is thinking about the subject and what you thought about it so far. These carefully chosen thoughts need to become your beliefs. This may be challenging, but if you can find the right perspective including the many ways how your desire could be possibly delivered to you by the Law of Attraction, you are on your way. Affirmations are good way to start training your mind to develop the right patterns of thinking.

Here are some examples of affirmations I like to use my self :

  • People I surround my self with support my efforts to achieve all my goals.
  • I am constantly presented with opportunities to fulfill my desires and I recognize them easily.
  • I follow my intuition and act on it fast.
  • It is easy for my to maintain my vibration in a place that is constantly attracting what I want at a comfortable speed.

MANIFESTING TIP: I do recommend to form your own personal affirmations that reflect on your own “self talk “. Use your own “natural”  language you tend to use every day. Any affirmation you use has to feel quite natural (not like a forced way of thinking) and in a way should “just roll of your tongue”.

You ‘ve got the right affirmation if it is creating an emotional reaction within you and you also feel energized by it. That’s keeper!

  • 2. After you have fine-tuned your way of thinking as well your self talk, the next step is disciplined practicing of these new thoughts through repetition that will eventually create strong beliefs. Your new ways of thinking and beliefs (your new perspectives) can now create corresponding strong emotion of excitement and expectation. Your faith is important and there isn’t a specific way you need to express it. It can be very relaxed and quiet or overwhelming and laud. Both will work as well if they are genuine and truly express your belief/ knowing that what you want is on its way to you. Sometimes people will try to cover up their doubts with overwhelming, forced excitement and lots of big words, but remember that you cannot trick the universe not to hear/ feel your doubt. If it is present in your vibration, no words or jumping around will distract from it.
  • 3. Create a plan of action that you will represent your beliefs that what you want is already yours and why. If you belief you need to take a certain action to get what you want, its a smart thing to take those actions as it will strengthen your faith in the desired outcome and speed up the manifesting. This is always helpful. It will also keep you busy not giving you enough time to think the thoughts of doubt.

For example: If you are wanting to find a loving partner and you believe you cant find such a person on line, don’t sign up for an internet dating. Go places where you truly belief you could meet the type of person you desire. The Law of Attraction works equally as well in all places, no mater where you are.

The HOW is not your business !

This is very important. Remember, you don’t need to figure out the exact way how your desire will manifest into your life. The universe will find the easiest and fastest way to deliver your “stuff”. As I said earlier, this part of the manifesting mechanism is fully automatic and purely “universe’s business”.  Your job is the get any DOUBT out of the way and be playful in the way you think to create a belief that what you want is being delivered.

How fast can I manifest what I want?

The speed at which you will manifest what you want is proportional to the amount of DOUBT you have about your” stuff ” being delivered to your door.

How to manifestYour doubting (limiting) beliefs can be standing firmly in a way of you having what you want.

For example: if you belief that its hard to find a good job you cannot find that job easily and effortlessly. Those are very different frequencies/vibrations, that are clearly not a match. If you believe finding  a good job takes weeks or months, your believe will be confirmed and your experience will match this believe exactly.

Some people may say : “Well, that’s just how it always is. ” Those people  have to realize that they have just expressed their firm belief and the Law of Attraction will only deliver what matches this belief. Its very simple mechanism.

I recommend you check on your belief system and find out what are the specific beliefs you hold about the subject of your desire. Here is a simple exercise that can help you to uncover your deep rooted limiting beliefs.

So how fast do you BELIEVE you can manifest what you want?

This is the question to ask. The answers will vary according to the subject of your desire and your beliefs attached to it but over time after establishing good habits of having beneficial perceptions and positive way of thinking, manifesting can become fast and easy. Practice makes perfect.

As I said at the beginning, this is a very individual process and to find the easiest way (for you) to manifest what you want, you need to get your specific doubts out of the way. Have fun exploring and don’t be hard on your self in the process.

Just adjust your thoughts and beliefs which will automatically change your vibration/frequency- your point of attraction. Carry on in this adjusting process until you are finally enjoying your manifestation.

So what’s the next thing on the list of things you want? Make a decision and go for it. Everything is possible except for the things you BELIEVE are impossible for you.