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Me and the love of my life – Mike I have been in a relationship with for the last 6 years. He is my best friend, mentor and someone I love planning my/our future with. 

We all want to be in a loving relationship, to share our lives with someone who has the same core beliefs about life, love and anything that truly matters. I am sure you do as well.

I have found my soulmate 6 years ago after having a few failing, messy and frustrating relationships. I knew I was doing something wrong and that there was a way to correct that. I knew I had the power to manifest the relationship I wanted. So I started researching, learning and soon enough I started seeing results and then one day I met a great blue eyed guy on a sky-train and I knew I was in love. And so was he.

If you are single you may be sending the wrong signal out to the world that that can be preventing you from attracting the right guy into your life or any guy at all. Watch this video and take these 3 simple steps to shift your point of attraction and invite your soulmate into your life.

How to attract the relationship you want in 3 steps

3 simple steps to shift your point of attraction and invite your soulmate into your life

Attracting a great, loving relationship doesn’t have to be a complicated process but you need to know what you are doing. Just like anything else this can be one the right way and the wrong way that dictates the results you will get. Try this 3 step process and if you will do the work, I am confidant to say that you will see positive changes and be on your way to meeting the guy that you have been dreaming about.

1. Declutter your mind and your life – mentally, emotionally and physically.

How you think and feel about your past relationships and man overall is actually your point of attraction and the main reason why your love life looks and feel the way it does.

It’s time to clean house and there is no better, more powerful tool for that forgiveness.

2. Make room for him.

To express your readiness for relationship and your excitement of  being in a wonderful, loving relationship make sure there is room for another person to share your home /your space with you.

3. Ask better questions to shift your point of attraction.

Asking : “Why I am single?” or “Why he wouldn’t love me?“…“Why are man so careless and insensitive?” …. are going to keep you running around in circles perpetuating the negative energy based in self-doubt, anger, doubting/judging any man that comes to your life that has no power to attract a great, loving man into your life.

Here are 5 questions to start asking which will help you to shift your focus and the way you feel about relationships.

What are the empowering, positive things that I have learned from my past relationships that will make my next relationship stronger and better?

Why do I deserve to be in a loving, wonderful relationship?

How will my new relationship make your life more enjoyable, more fun and easier every day?

Why I am ready to be in a new relationship that feels right?

How will I make his life more enjoyable and better?

Take 7 days and ask these 5 questions every morning. Put your back into it, get engaged emotionally and mentally, let your imagination run wild and let the universe to match your new focus and energy with a lovely first date.

If you have a single girlfriend that is feeling hopeless and stuck, share this article with her. You maybe the person who could change her life.