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Our Abundance relies on our perception of it. I found a great video on utube the other day, that was a fantastic reminder of this fact and I would like to share it with you.

Here it is :

Habits of Awareness 

So how do we  start to establish the habits of Abundance awareness. We know now that everything is energy. We also know that what we focus on expands. That is why being grateful and appreciative is so important, but it may be challenging to do as we live in the world that is built on wanting more and motivating it self to success through fears and comparison with others.

With our conscious effort and enough practice all is possible and abundance can start flowing into your life again ( or we just notice it more as it is there already in many ways).

Allowing the flow of Abundance with new habits.

Small shift in an awareness/our perceptions can create very noticeable changes in how much abundance we experience in our lives.

Our attracting power is in our present focus, our thoughts and emotional state. If we feel abundant we start attracting abundance. The opposite is also true. Our thought of lack can only attract more circumstances to create lack (of money, opportunities, good health…and the list goes on).

New Habits of Gratitude and Appreciation.

Habits of gratitude,Law of AttractionGratitude and Appreciation – two powerful forces that could give us all we are wanting, but our old habits can stand firmly in our way. These two emotions are powerful energies that can start gathering the force that will take you places you were always wanting to go.

To learn about the attracting power of these two emotions and how to develop these new habits, please see my other blog post.

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.
John F. Kennedy

3  steps to experiencing our Abundance.

3 simple steps are necessary to create the awareness that could create the changes you would like to experience in the days and months to come:

  1. Consciously shift your focus from l don’t have to I am grateful I have …
  2. This one is a big one:  NO complaining allowed! Complaining is focusing on luck that can only create/ attract more lack. That’s in the opposite direction you want to go.
  3. This conscious effort in form of new focus/awareness has to be consistent to start manifesting consistent results. It literally has to became your way of thinking, translating into a new life style.

This simple process may take some time to master (as we may have bad habits), but once you do, you are on your way to manifesting the things you’ve been wanting with little effort and ease.

How many times did you complain today?(whether out loud or in your mind)

And no excuse is good enough. I have a friend of mine that say, that she only states the truth about how things really are, but “coincidentally” the amount of the reasons for her to state the obvious keeps growing. The Law of attraction is bringing her more experiences matching her focus and perception.So use your words and thoughts wisely by talking and thinking about what you want to experience.

When establishing new habits, plan of action is always a good idea. This plan can include morning affirmations developing new language that will perpetually be creating opportunities to invite the things and experiences you are desiring into your life. I recommend that it also includes getting rid of the thoughts and habits that are going against your goal. Everything you do, say, feel or think about (especially if its often) is an extension of your energy and manifestation is just universe mirroring your energy and focus in the world around you.

As the energy of your new awareness and your new on-going focus gets stronger and more consistent over time. As it does, the manifestation of your abundance flowing into your life will grow as well.