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Doreen Virtue Shares a Powerful Life Lesson

The video below is a video that I watch every time I need to remind myself to dream big and start small.

Wherever we are going, we will get there one step at the time and sometimes all we need to know is what the next step is. The rest will reveal it self as we go. Every action counts and that is how momentum is created when we need to get “unstuck”.

2 Ways to Approach Making a Change and Going After What You Want

  • 1. Many times we spend so much time getting ready to make a move, it can become the biggest obstacle (and an easy excuse) that keeps us stuck, over time  more and more discouraged and eventually even thinking: “It’s too late, I missed my boat”.
  • 2. The oposite of this approach is: Doing a little preparation/research, stepping into your brave self and jumping right in, being ready to go with the flow and adjust our approach as you go. 

From my own personal experience the second option is much more effective and actually energizing allowing you to move towards your golas faster.

Te quote below (that Dorren Virtue talkes about in the video below) is suppose to remind us to relax, trust life and let go of all the hows. I know that is not easy, or comes naturally to us but most of the time all we need to do is to get the ball rolling and let the universe to match our effort and focus. That is Law of Attraction in action.

“I’ve never began any important venture for which I felt adequately prepared”.