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If you thought that you are not quite perfectly set up for success in your life or your career this year, than watch the video below.

It’s 13 minutes long but I guarantee you that you will not stop watching after the first couple of minutes, it’s so genuine and heart-felt.

Lizzie is a young woman seemingly uniquely disabled to be able to live a great, satisfying life. And against all odds, she does.

Just listen:

How do YOU Define Yourself? By Lizzie Velasquez

Your life is in your hands.  ~ Lizzie ~

It’s a bit sad that we live in a world where someone decides to name Lizzy the ugliest woman in the world when obviously she is one of the most beautiful, bright souls that had ever graced this planet, I think.

But that makes her message even more valuable and urgent.

Is the “I am not enough” syndrome that is paralyzing YOUR potential to shine?

These are the things you don’t need to be to achieve your goals this year (as Lizzie as proofed in the video above):

How to re-invent yourself and your life in 2014 in 2 simple steps

You DON”T need to be:

  • 1. Perfect
  • 2. Pretty enough
  • 3. The smartest person you know
  • 4. Strong enough
  • 5. Slim enough
  • 6. Popular enough
  • 7. Rich enough
  • 8. Special enough

Just need to be willing to find your self  good enough to take the next step. And then figure out what the next step is, and the next step, and the next step….start small and think big is the general rule.

2 things you need to put in place to set your self for success in 2014

You will also need to figure out a few other things I talk about below to make sure you can start taking your chances at an awesome life you could have and fully own.

1. Know your worth

Not knowing who you are also means that you don’t really know what you really want in life. In my Coaching practice, this is the most common obstacle to people’s happiness, hands down. I am not kidding.

It’s incredibly important!

Having a solid foundation to build your life and career around is a MUST. If you have a goal of creating a life to be proud of and that makes you happy, you will need to answer the questions below honestly and with an open heart.

Take your time with this. Dig deep and Define Yourself: 

  • What are your strongest characteristics as a person?
  • What are the things you are doing or you CAN do that really define you right now?
  • What are your best assets as a person in your personal or professional life?
  • What other people most respect or admire about you? This is a HUGE insight! Side note on this one: You can ask your friends and family to help you answer that. This can be really groundbreaking as you may get info you were completely unaware of and it could be an information that could change your life, literally.
  • What are your unique talents?
  • Are you expressing your talents and gifts right now? And on the scale from 1-10 how much are you doing that?
  • What is stopping you from using your gifts and talents to create a life of your dreams?
  • What are the moments/experiences you had in your life that truly define you (based on the way you responded to these challenges and handled these situations)? These are also Huge insights! Make sure to really dig for the diamonds in your past. What are they?

 2. Own it. No excuse for being happy with who you are this year.

Embrace what you find out through the process above and USE IT.

When you are happy and proud of who you are as a person that is something significant to lean on every day of your life. It will give you strength, confidence and clarity to make the important decisions that can completely change the course of your life.

Your Streanghts, New Years tips

This year don’t try to fix your life, instead celebrate your unique strengths and who you are.

To add to this powerful quote above,  I want to say this: I’ve leaned that the confidant, successful and happy people I know make the decisions to  focus on maximizing their strengths.

Take the answers you got from the exercise above and ask your self:

How can I build my life, my relationships and my career around it?

How can I build my life around expressing my strengths, talents and gifts more? 

What are the decisions I need to make in the next few weeks so my life can start reflecting on who I really am more? 

What is your next step?

Be specific. Do it.

When I decided to become a Life Coach and launch my own business ( with 24 $ in my bank account and no experience with running a business), I was banking on my ability to listen to people and making them feel very comfortable to open up about the things that are hard to talk about.

I focused on my ability to find solutions where others don’t see them. And I was leaning on my ability to see where the wholes are in people’s mentality and approach to life that keep them stuck for years. I was ready to share the tools I have acquired through endless hours of reading self empowerment books, going to seminars and working with my own Coach.

And it worked! The tools I used to fix my own life and relationships have worked for my clients and got the confirmation I needed to keep going.

It was a scary leap of faith but I am happy I took the plunge.

I hope you will have the strength to do the same for your self this year.

Here are some idea and articles I recommend to look that will point you in the right direction to follow your heart and make the changes that will be able to set you up for success this year:

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Have a beautiful day and happy manifesting!

Cheryl Richardson