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Having it all – doing what you love and loving what you earn. Can you?

There is a myth going around. For a very long time so many of us have been told over and over again: NO, you can’t do what you love (only the fun things) and get paid for it! You need to be realistic!

But the fact is, we can create any reality/life we prefer. It only requires different amounts/levels of focus, energy and being persistent.

“To take responsibility for a fulfilling life is to choose how you use each day of your life”.

I do believe that YOU CAN have it all! In fact I know it is possible.

In last couple of years I have personally been living a life that is really starting to resemble this idea on many different levels. The picture above represents the Lifestyle I was able to create for my own self and that I love. Coaching my clients from places like Costa Rica (which is where this picture was taken) and working “from my cool office by the pool”  is my reality now.

How to start creating  a dream career in 2 simple steps

I have managed to build a career based purely on my passions which are Personal Development, Positive Psychology and studying the Law of Attraction, as well as my love for design and traveling. In the winter of 2008 I registered my own Coaching company in Vancouver named Sunera that allowed me to explore different paths to happiness – professional and personal.

Long story short: I am a Nanny (with a former education as a teacher) turned Fashion Designer turned Style Coach (aka Image consultant) turned Life Coach.

All of it was fun to explore and definitely worth the growing pains I had to go through as a person and a business owner, but I never looked back. I am not saying it was all easy. There were challenges and I did have a lot of help and support from people closest to me, but most of all I had a clear vision of what I wanted from life and I was not going to stop until I was living it.

These days  I also personally mentor other women on launching their own Coaching/ Consulting on-line based businesses and had the pleasure to whiteness many women stepping into their purpose and launching their dream careers.

Living your dream

Here is a little peek into my lifestyle today.

It feels amazing to have a career that I love while traveling around the world with man that I love. I guess, in simple words, my goal years ago was to feel good about my self and my life, and today I do. To me that is what having it all means, for now. There will always be more as there is always room to grow and dream more.

For me personally it’s having a family, growing my business to help as many people as I can to tap into their own power and purpose, traveling the world more … And I know all that is possible. I also have the tools to build this life for my self now.

Creating your reality intentionally and manifesting what you want is a skill just like any other. From my personal experience and my experience as a Life coach I know that we have to have this definition first before we can manifest it piece by piece. I guess it all depends on what your definition of having it all is.

DO YOU have one?

How to Start Creating Your Dream Career in 2 Simple Steps

Step one: Having a clear vision

Building a life of your dreams is always a process.Just like building a house of your dreams you will have to start with the clarifying your vision of what it looks like and how you are going to build it.

It seams like a an obvious fact, but you would be surprised how unclear many people are about their goals. Often we don’t allow our selves to dream enough and explore as those are the things reserved for children these days. The fact is that we manifest through our thoughts and our focus, so dreaming is a manifesting tool.

Use it every day and GO BIG!

If you are not sure where to start, here are some guidelines:

Crafting the vision of your dream job

Lets say you have a job that doesn’t make you happy and you are not sure where to go from here. Make your self a a nice cup of tea, breathe for a few minutes and take a trip to the posible future that would make you happy. Now, observe all aspects of it. As you are visualizing your dream job, answer the questions below. Take as long as you need to and write it all down:

  • What kind of company do you work for? Please remember that this is not about you figuring out the specific company, the name of it… You don’t need to figure out what company specifically you would work for next, just name an industry or your purpose in the type of company you may enjoy working for . (This is all about how it makes you feel – that’s your clue. 🙂
  • What does this job provide me with: financially, emotionally and spiritually? Really go digging around until you have no more to say here.
  • What are your co-workers and your boss like? What kind of people are they and how do they treat you?
  • Do you own this company ? How does it feel to be a business owner and your own boss?
  • Describe your personality while working at this place/ for this company.
  • What do you do with the money you make through the job? How does that make you feel about your self and your life?
  • Describe the place (city, building ) you work in. What does your work space look like?
  • How do you spend the time after work?
  • Who are your friends like that you hang out after work with?
  • What do you wear to work? Really milk this for all the clarity you can gain through this process and exhaust the topic.
  • Do you personally know people that already have the career/ job you have described here? If you do, get in touch with these people that inspire you– talk to them, let them influence you because they are the living proof of what is possible. You will be surprised at how these people started out, and how they were no more fortunate than you are. They just worked hard at it and took their chances.

You can apply the same process to any topic: your desired relationship, health, your dream home…. Explore and have fun with it.

My Dream life folder

One of the coaching tools I share with clients is creating a file on your computer (or a physical file if you don’t have an access to a computer) called My dream life.

We all browse the internet (or magazines) for hours sometimes, so why not to use this time to take this first step. Create a special folder where you can start collecting a specific ideas, images and inspirations that will help you to determine the How to – Plan of action to start building the career/life you love. You can even create sub-folders like: My job, My family, My relationship, My free time, My travels…

Step two: take inspired action

The next step in this process is to start taking action that is in line with the vision you have in mind.No steps are too small, but I do recommend to make bold choices and trust your self.

One of my favorite quotes is  from Wayne Dyer:

“Start to be more independent of the “good” opinions of others”.

There’s always going to be people telling you that you CAN’T do something. If you are stubborn, use it to really hold on to your vision and passion. When something you want involves taking a risk, don’t ask, “What if it doesn’t work?”.

Instead, ask  “How will I feel if I don’t even try?”.

I suggest to get in contact with the people that are already living the life you want to live. Finding a great mentor or a Coach is always a good idea and a first step on the journey to create your success following your heart and passions in life. 

A good friend of mine and a creative director  Slava Micic just launched an interesting project exposing the idea of creative couples that showcases the success couples have when they do business together, proving that it does work and being in love is in fact, ‘cool’.

Here are some Creative couples that may inspire you to escape the 9-5 norm that has been established in our society over time. They are the proof that norms can be abandoned and life and can be experienced in a whole new way suggesting that you can have it all.

Would you escape the 9-5 norms if you could?