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Many times after listening to a friend or someone else complaining about their life, partner or their job, I ask: “So what DO you want?”

Its not an exception to hear back: “I don’t know, but I just don’t want….. !”

Many people are well aware of what’s going wrong and doesn’t feel good and whats missing, but I have noticed that not enough time is being spent on gaining the clarity about what they do want to experience. We have not been trained to use our thoughts and words in for us the most beneficial ways. When your thought are random, without a clear and consistent focus, manifesting what you want can be an uneasy task to do. Being focused on the unwanted doesn’t help neither. Remember: what we focus on expands!

Complaining in the worst way to bring attention to something in your life that you are now feeding more energy and attracting more of into your life – which is the oposite of what you hope for.

Do a little mind clean up, get clear and tune up Your Manifesting Power

Complaining is so common in our society,  a somewhat natural way of reacting to life and quite accepted as away of dealing with challenges sadly. It’s a huge obstacle standing in away of us manifesting what we want . This habit of focusing on the negative, unwanted things is also know as talking about thing “the way they are and JUST stating the obvious”. This is a big trap you can be creating for your self, so be aware. This little JUST can really cost you. I am sure you have heard this many times before, but its really the BIG ONE – quit complaining!

To find out how big is your habit of complaining , I recommend this simple tactic:

complaint free world,Manifesting

Find a bracelet you can put on every day for the next whole week (or even just a day) and each time you complain move the bracelet onto the other hand. See how often you are switching the hands.

Important note: stating the “obvious” negative, or “the truth” also counts as complaining. This new awareness can be life changing.

A Complaint Free World

complaint free world,manifesting

This simple and effective technique come from a well know book: A Complain free world.

“A Complaint Free World is an engaging, enjoyable, easy-to-read reminder that the only permanent, constructive changes you can make in the world are the changes you make in yourself.”Gary Zukav, bestselling author of “The Seat of the Soul” and “Soul to Soul.”

Your Clarity is a necessary part of  Intentional Manifesting

What ever you want next, get really clear about it.Often there is not enough information that the universe can work with in the process of co-creating our new desired reality with us.

Lets say the universe is like Google – able to find and bring you whatever you are looking for.

It needs your keywords. If you put – I don’t want to work as a clerk anymore –  into the search box, you will get all kind of info about more clerk jobs (as the clerk was the key word). Change  your keywords and the search result will change too.

The same applies to you working with the Law of Attraction. Your thoughts are your key words and you need to choose them carefully.

Don’t get me wrong, knowing what we DON’T WANT is very important and valuable as its the bases of gaining our clarity of what we DO WANT. But that’s where focusing on the negative should end.

3 steps to using Clarity in the manifesting process :

  • 1. Get your awareness of what’s not desirable – YOUR I DON’T WANTS.
  • 2. Based on your awareness of what you don’t want, figure out what you do desire – YOUR I DO WANTS. (and decide to no longer focus on the unwanted)
  • 3. Keep your thoughts focused in your NEW GAINED CLARITY, which requires discipline and many times having a variety of tool to do so to overcome old habits.

Here is a little manifesting story from my life

Years ago, when I was still learning about the mechanism of manifesting, it was about to be my boyfriend’s Birthday and I really wanted to make a big deal out of it. I love Birthdays and celebrating life and also just having an opportunity to do something special for someone I love. So based on what what I knew about my new love I made a list of the the things that could really surprise him and make him happy.

On my list was :

manifesting tip

  1. To get an awesome Birthday cake as he was a real sweet tooth.
  2. Nice dinner in a cool restaurant that has great food and bands plying there in the evening as well. My boyfriend is a music lover, so I am.
  3. Tickets for both of us to go to a cool concert.

There was one little problem in making this happen and it was my financial situation at that time. I have just quit my job as a nanny, had almost no savings and was looking for an apartment that was going to cost me all the money I had if not more.

I didn’t want my situation to dictate how this birthday is going to turned out and decided to stick to the plan and be positive. From my previous experiences, little miracles could happen any time.

How to Co-create with the Almighty Universe

I did what I could do right away and ordered an amazing cake from a french bakery in town. Then I found a little restaurant on Main street (in Vancouver, where I live) that was well known for having local musician playing and an interesting, tasty menu. If you are ever visiting Vancouver, I recommend you check out the Libra room -very hip spot in an interesting part of the city.

I had no money to buy the concert tickets, but I was open to all kinds of possibilities to receive them. This was the task, where I needed the help of the Law of Attraction and the universe.

Manifesting tip:

It is very important to get specific about what you want as well as to stay flexible in a way the new reality will be created and delivered.

For days nothing special was happening. I got ready and and picked up my boyfriend’s Birthday cake and we had a great little celebration that night. The dinner was yummy and I was happy, but still thinking how much better it would have been if we were heading to a concert afterwords.

Oh well, I thought.

Birthday Miracle

The day after I was going to visit my former Life Coach and catch up with her, wanting to share my excitement about all the positive changes I was making in my life. At the end of my visit my coach told me, that she had 2 tickets to a concert in town that Saturday! and was hoping I would want them.

She and her husband couldn’t go and she didn’t want the tickets to go to waist. They were 200$ worth of tickets to India Arie concert. I was shocked and wanted to jump for joy. 🙂 I could now check everything on my list as DONE.

The concert was amazing and India Arie even sang Happy Birthday to everyone who was just celebrating their Birthday that day. I assumed that was a little bonus for practicing intentional manifesting. (SMILE)

Leave a comment below or send me an e-mail to share your manifesting story, that could motivate others to practice intentional manifesting and believe in little miracles. Thank you!

Are you really clear on what you want to manifest next?

Everything you do, say, feel or think about (especially if its often) is an extension of your energy and manifestation is just universe mirroring this energy in the world around you. Clear awareness of what you want and your consistent focus and an expectation of it are the necessary steps to having the life you want.

As the energy of your new CLARITY/awareness and your on going focus gets stronger and more confidant over time, the flow of wonderful manifestations into your life will grow as well.