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You may have heard this before: Thoughts, feelings and actions. These are 3 very important words in the world of intentional manifesting. I would like to specify that a little : Positive thoughts, good feelings and inspired actions.

I would like to talk about the Emotions part in this blog post. In simple words: By having a thought, you will create an emotional respond to it creating a feeling running through your entire body. That is how you know that E-motion is energy in motion.

Emotions = energy in motion

For example: you may be thinking – MY JOB. Depending on the kind of  job you currently have or dream of you can create many different feelings: happiness, anger, disappointment, frustration, feeling of peace, excitement…..

Now, this is the very important info: We manifest through our energy which is also made of our emotional state, so as long as we are not choosing our emotions (the way we feel about a subject- a job in this case) we are also not being able to manifest intentionally and choose the reality we prefer to experience.

So choosing our emotional responses is really worth it. It’s a skill but anyone can learn it. We are emotional creatures and reacting is natural, but to have the life we really want, we need to balance our emotions.

Emotional feedback – Learn to trust it

Trust yourself. If your destination is clear and constant, you can expect to arrive there. ~ Ivan Kelly

Manifesting isn’t as logical as we would like it to be. As intentional manifestors we have to create the feeling representing what we desire first – feeling abundant/rich, happy, appreciated…as a way of actually attracting these into our lives. This si where the ” Be the change you want to see in the world” comes from.

So feeling good should be our number one goal, no matter what the subject.

On the other hand if you have some negative feelings like doubt, sadness, frustration, anger ….about the subject of your desire (be it new job, money, your body, relationships…) it means you may be holding on to some fearful thoughts or deep limiting beliefs.

All these feelings are charged with very powerful energy and are functioning as manifesting blocks. The stronger the emotion, the bigger the energy block.

You just can’t feel those negative emotions and manifest what you want. If you are feeling doubtful the Law of attractions is matching your doubt (energy) with more situations to experience doubt just to point out that you are in doubt, you need to re-think your approach. It may also be matching your neediness with more reasons to continue to be in need of what ever you are wanting.

So today give something good to the Law of Attraction to match your energy with and then just keep going.

Trust yourself. If your destination is clear and constant, you can expect to arrive there. ~ Ivan Kelly

Joe Vitale on feeling of Neediness and Manifesting

One of my favorite book authors, Law of Attraction experts and people Joe Vitale talks about this concept in this video that shines some light on this topic:

One simple technique that can change the way you feel immediately

Joe Vitale in this video points out:

  • The power of our perception to change the direction of our thoughts. By choosing a new “better” perception we can create different emotional respond than what we are experiencing now. I have talked about this in more detailed in my article Awareness and Abundance. You can watch a video included in that blog-post that demonstrate this concept in very clear way.

Our perceptions are based on our beliefs that could possibly be standing in the way of you having what you want. Our belief system is a major subconscious manifesting mechanism that many people are not aware of, which creates lots of frustration and for some people a very exhausting life style.

If you would like to find out what your limiting beliefs are, you can try a simple exercise from my previous blog article, that could be good first step in the right direction.Digging up your negative beliefs can be scary at times, but absolutely necessary if you want to became a Master Manifestor.

Another tip: your actions are also another very accurate indicator of your current belief system. You wouldn’t get on a plane if you didn’t believe it can fly, right? 🙂

Let me know, what are your thoughts on this and what are your specific manifesting challenges. I would love to hear your respond.

Happy manifesting!