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Life Coaching

Hello and Thank you for visiting my Life Coaching blog!

My name is Erika Dolnackova and I am a Life Coach from Vancouver, BC. I love my job and seeing the spark in my clients eyes when they finally tap into their personal power and purpose.

In last few years I have been helping my clients, both men and women, to align themselves with their goals and dreams: Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually.

” Step into the field of possibilities and thrive! ”

30 Days to Change Your Life

My specific 30 days Coaching programs are designed to help my clients to create new habits of thinking and taking action. These new habits allow for creating a way of being that gives my clients the ability to attract what they desire in life. All is possible. It just requires different amounts of focus, time and energy.

“You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself. Galileo Galilei”

  • Are you frustrated with the people and circumstances you tent to attract in to your life?
  • Is your life lacking passion or direction?
  • Do you lack confidence in your relationships ?
  • Are you interested in learning more about the Law of Attraction and how to apply it to transform all aspects of your life?

You were born to thrive and to enjoy your life

Perhaps you feel that there is more to life and you like the idea of learning how to manifest your life intentionally. If your answer to any of these questions was YES, than you could benefit from my Life Coaching program.

Working with Erica has been truly rewarding and inspirational. I think that anyone could benefit from Erika’s services, her services represent an excellent value.

Dan. M , Vancouver, BC

**Please, go to Contact us page to request your first COMPLIMENTARY 20 min consultation with me.

My Life Coaching Approach

“We are not the product of our circumstances, rather we are the product of our choices”.  Wayne Pickering

It’s all about YOU!

  • I provide YOU with endless resources, tools and exercises that challenge you to grow into the person they want to become.
  • I create transformational Daily Routines arranged around YOUR lifestyle and YOUR personal goals to establish new, empowering habits.
  • I ask the right questions allowing for more clarity and understanding that leads to YOUR success.
  • I consistently support and guide YOU during the weekly coaching sessions followed up by e-mail support.
  • I consistently remind you that YOU CAN!

Whether you have a desire to learn how to attract loving partner and balanced relationships, want to change your career path, or just want to become more proactive and productive in life, I have the tools that can help you create those changes. Are you ready?

It’s time to make a new vision of your future and let go of any beliefs and thoughts that do not support it. – Louise Hay.

What my clients are saying

I found Erika’s approach to be extremely helpful and practical. It gave me a sense of control of my life and made me take action. I can honestly say that working with Erika has completely changed my life for the better. I would absolutely recommend the coaching for anyone that truly wants to have tools and knowledge to make significant changes in themselves and live their best lives.

Megan, Vancouver BC

Erika is one of the most genuine, caring and attentive people I have ever met. Her passion and dedication to help individuals like me achieve great breakthrough and results, combined with her endless library of resources make her one of the best life coaches I have met.

Josef, Toronto, ON

Erika, You are a true ROLE MODEL for anyone who wants to make changes to their life! You know what you are talking about and you have the talent to be “spot on” when recognizing where people are stuck in their lives and then free them.

Shawn, Calgary, AB

For more testimonials, please go to my Testimonial Page.

**Please, go to Contact us page to request your first COMPLIMENTARY 20 min consultation with me.

My 30 Days Coaching Process

Habits of thinking, Life Coaching

Using a very specific 30 days Life Coaching process I teach my clients how to tune up their  attracting power through gaining new habits. I delivered specific approach in 30 days cycles.

On average it takes my clients 3 to 4 cycles (90-120 days) to create specific results and to firmly established new habits of thinking and taking action gained in the process of Life Coaching with me.

Leveraging Your Focus and Energy Through Daily Energy Routines

The core of my coaching practice is providing my clients with simple and practical Morning and Evening Energy Routines.To learn more, please go to the 30 Days Coaching process page.

By making small but consistent shifts in your behavior and the way of thinking, you can gain the ability to transform your life in a way that can be mind blowing”.

On-line video coaching in the comfort of your home.

Through the extensive use of technology today, I can now offer coaching sessions to anyone, anywhere. My clients come from all over the world and we have regular meetings on Skype.

The weekly coaching sessions are arranged around your schedule and lifestyle. No need to get in your car and rush through the traffic to get to your session. You safe time, energy and money while achieving  the results you are looking for.

Each 30 days cycle includes:

  • Coaching calls. Each call is about 45 minutes long.  ***Please keep in mind that each Specific Coaching Program includes different number of calls per 30 days cycle.*** 
  • Follow up e-mails after each Coaching session. These e-mails provide you with new Life Coaching tools and resources to establish your new habits, keep you focused and organized. Each week I give you a homework that is practical and keeps you in action to consistently focus on your goals.
  • Additional e-mail support if needed to maintain your momentum.
  • List of recommended resources like recommended books and on -line resources that can farther support your growth in the areas of your life you would like to transform.
  • Phone and In Person Coaching is available at special request and if conditions allow for this set up.

**Please, go to Contact us page to request your first COMPLIMENTARY 20 min consultation with me.