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It was my Birthday this week so my boyfriend planned a little celebration for me. Yummy dinner and a movie I have been very excited to see for a few weeks now: Limitless. It was as good as I was hoping for. Fun to watch and full of ideas for my mind to explore the whole time. I really enjoyed entertaining the idea it was proposing and the visual effect were really cool. If you have no plans for the evening sometimes this week, get some popcorn, escape to this fascinating world and let your mind wonder.

The idea of being LIMITLESS

That sounds good! I guess, that’s what we think when we think GOD, but I believe we are all sparks of God (whatever your definition of God is, as there are so many).

Do we have the ability to become limitless? To me it means stepping into our own personal power fully with trust and confidence when we make each decision. It sure feels like there are few people in this world that got pretty close to this state of mind – actors, business people like Donald Trump, artists like the Lady Gaga that the whole world is sooo fascinated with now.

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it “. Albert Einstein

The perfect version of our selves

The little pill that Eddie takes to go from failing writer and hopeless human being to a person with 4 digits IQ is  mind altering. Clarity is the word Eddie chooses to describe the shift in his awareness that he experiences while he is on this magic little pill – NZT.

Experiencing Complete Clarity

In the movie, Edie explains how he feels: I new what I need to do and how to do it. I knew everything. You are just aware of everything, he says. This state gives a person the opportunity to become the perfect version of them selves, confidant to take action fast. The main character in this movie can’t help it. He doesn’t think twice about what he needs to do, just cleans up his apartment and organizes everything because any other way of living is unacceptable for him now. The old way of living is forgotten. He all of the sudden has access to all the information he has ever been in contact with that he had read, seen, heard of…and he can use it.

Its all stored in his mind and he has been granted FULL ACCESS, no limits imposed. Imagine, what kind of feeling that must be.

What would the best version of your self be?

What would happen to your life if you could operate from this level of consciousness/ awareness? COMPLETE CONFIDENCE AND CLARITY.

  • What stops YOU from going all out?
  • What would life lived to your full potential look like?
  • Who would you be? What what you look, walk and talk like?
  • Where would you live? What kind of job would you have?
  • What kind of relationship would you be creating? Who would the people you would choose to surround your self with be?

Can you answer these questions for your self? I challenge you to pick up a pen and write these answers down to discover your level of clarity about your own potential. After you are done, take on as many qualities listed as you can NOW. Watch what happens to your life next. The Law of Attraction organizes our universe around our clarity and intentions.

Affirm your success in life

Having the state of mind that allows for your life to unfold in miraculous, perfect ways is a habit. Your mind is any other muscle in your body. It can be trained. Here are some affirmations I love that can start creating this mindset and allow you to tap into the power of the universe matching your state of mind with corresponding experiences:

  • I am in the right place at the right time for the most magical things to transpire.
  • Having abundance in all areas of my life is my natural state.
  • My life is filled with perfect self-expression.
  • I am in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. I am open to receive all good.
  • I think big, and then I allow myself to accept even more.
  • I am willing to open up to the abundance and prosperity that is available everywhere.
  • I know that I am surrounded and filled with infinite wisdom.
  • When I wake up in the morning I plan for a good day. My anticipation attracts good experiences to me.
  • Today I remember how powerful I am.
  • Love operates in all of my relationships, from the most casual to the most intimate.
  • Today whenever I need anything, I know that it will be provided.
  • This is the day to really experience trust. I trust in myself and trust in life.

Happy manifesting!