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Miss Representation movie

I have been hearing about this movie for a while now and I cannot wait to see it. It really exposes the power of the media that one television show at the time shapes the way  we think about our selves and the world we live in. I personally love my computer and IPhone but I do agree that we need t start choosing what we give our attention to instead of just staring at the box in front of us.

No TV, No Problem 

Life Coaching for women

About 4 years ago when I rented my first apartment  in Vancouver, I did not have much money to buy TV so I was without it for a whole year. Mind you, I was working two jobs at times and I was also working on putting together a portfolio as a fashion designer. So if I was not working , sleeping or doing my laundry, I was sewing. I didn’t really had much time to watch TV, but I really didn’t miss much.

This is a side note but on the right you can see one my designes. I called this one LOL dress. Sometimes I miss designing and sewing as I am focusing on my Life Coaching practice right now but I know that down the road I ll be making sassy little dresses again. I love being creative and getting lost in that energy.

Learn how to CHOOSE the information you allow to enter your mind and effect your mood, focus and energy.

These days I learned to invest my time and energy especially when it comes to media – be it TV, reading magazines and browsing the net. Time flies when you do these things and  it’s easy to “waste” a day by paying attention to whatever jumps out at you if we are not fully aware and choosing where our focus is.

A lot od the messages we see on TV are dis-empowering and I absolutely love this movie and it’s ability to point our bluntly how things need to change. Say no to “crap” and messages in media that fead your mind fearful, shameful and ridicules ideas. It’s time we as women put stop to the never-ending pressure to look like a photoshoped cover of a magazine.

Miss Representation Trailer

Youtube – ( Can Be) Your Source of Empowerment 

In the last few years I really got into the habit of spending my spear time watching Youtube videos and interviews that keep me inspired and energized. I love finding motivating and empowering content that makes me more productive, relaxed and  knowledgeable in areas I want to grow as a woman and a Life Coach. Here is one of my favorite interviews I love watching to feel in my power :

I hope you enjoyed this video and visit my blog again.

Let your self shine today!