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Living your life as a woman in your full power and honouring the Goddess within you every day can be challenging at times. It’s helpful to have some simple ground rules that allow you to maintain the right state of being as you go through your most likely busy day.

7 Staples of the Modern Goddess Lifestyle

That is why I created this simple Modern Goddess Lifestyle Checklist. I hope it will help you to maintain some balance, integrity and most importantly focus that benefits your goals in life. 


Before I get to these 7 mentality shifts that can allow YOU to step into Your Inner Goddess, let’s to talk about The Modern Goddess idea a little.

Modern Goddess Lifestyle, personal development for women

Who is she? 

The Goddess I am referring to is not some mythical figure

She is YOU. 

The Modern Goddess I am talking about is YOU in your full power and grace as a woman.

She is the part of you that is clear on what you want from life, she trusts life and her ability  to attract all she desires.

She know she deserves the best.

She is calm and confident, full of life and radiating an energy that is irresistible to those around her.

Please, take time each day to acknowledge her and let her be the energy that manifests your life one desire at the time.

7 staples of the Modern Goddess Lifestyle

Take a Goddess test and see how you are doing when it comes to living your life as a Goddess would – intentionally, with an open heart and keeping your priorities straight.

Take a Modern Goddess Lifestyle Test

Check in with each of these 7 core principles and ask your self a few what could be very revealing questions.

1. Clarity

The Goddess within you is clear on what she wants, what kind of life and career makes her feel happy, passionate and alive. She is also aware of what she doesn’t want/like and has the right to say NO to.  She knows that this clarity is the foundation for balance in her/your life.

How clear are you on what you want in each aspect of your life – your personal life, relationships, career, health…? Do you know what you want your life to be build around?

What kind of relationships do you want to create in your life?

What makes you passionate and excited when you think about your life right now?

Wheel-of-life, Personal development for women

On the scale from 1-10 how clear are you about what you want in each of these specific aspects of your life?  – personal life, career, your health, relationships, finance, spirituality and personal development.

Do you have clear answers?

Take a few minutes and use this simple and very common Life Caching tool called Wheel of life. Find a 15 minutes to relax, get honest with your self and see where you will find your self on the scale from 1-10 in each section of this wheel.

Is yours balanced?

2. Intention

The Goddess within You lives her life intentionally. To me that means to be making conscious choices based in your core values and not being a “sheep” doing things without putting your heart, mind and soul int it. Its easier to try to fit in, not rock anybody’s boat and follow the rules. But what if those clash with your dreams and who you are deep inside?

I was googling the definition of the word intention and here is what I found:

  • a determination to act in a certain way
  • a concept considered as the product of attention directed to an object of knowledge/ importance
  • a process or manner of healing of incised wounds

Are you fully aware of your core values that align with who you really want to be in te world?

Do you create your each day knowing your priorities and what truly serves you in your effort to have the life you want?

Do you act on your values or do you become “flexible” in that area when  s#*#  hits the fan?

Are you a planner or do your just ” go with flow” praying that somehow others will hand you your happiness and success?

Take 2 minutes and list 5 core values that you want to build your life, your career and your relationships around. On the sale on 1-10 how firm are  you on those values when the opportunity presents it self to exercise them?

3. Positive Expectation

Are you a “realist”or an optimist?

The Goddess within You is definitely an optimist. She knows that she is supported by al the forces of the universe in all her efforts to live in an authentic, balanced way. Other words, she knows she is one of those lucky people that have things magically working out for them and she enjoys it.


Do you consciously practice looking at the bright side of things and find it easy to act on that choice of perception?

Are you on of those people that would rather be disappointed but right than looking like a dreamer and a fool?

Do you consider your self a “lucky” girl?

On the sale on 1-10, how much do you expect things to work our for you in life?

Being positive is a skill. Start sharpening it by watching your words and actions, and if you need any help, read my article: 5 Empowering Beliefs/Affirmations to Adopt This Year. It will put you on the right track.

4. Compassion

This is such an amazing manifesting tool. It softens our energy and allows for more miracles to happen every day. Compassion can remove lots od frustration and stress – energies that repel anything good coming your way and it actually saves energy. It takes much more energy to judge or fight someone than to accept them and let it go.

The Goddess within You knows that, and she is all bout saving her precious energy and maintaing her manifesting power in the place that allows for the space from which she can attract what she wants easily and with grace.

Acceptance, personal development for women

When I say compassion, I mean compasion towards other as well as your self. Many times when we talk about compassion we think about acknowledging the hardship of other people. I think compassion is the one thing that can really heal our lives, remove frustration and prevent hurtful actions we may one day regret. We all deserve it and so do you. Be kind to your self as much as you are to others.

How hard are you on your self and others around you?

Do you experience lots of frustration in your life?

How hard is it for you to accept others and our self for who they are – the good and the bad?

On the scale from 1-10 how forgiving and compassionate are you towards others and your self?

5. Self Love

Compassion is the foundation for self love and SELF LOVE  is at the heart of the Goddess mentality. Without it your energy will always be a little bit of a mess and that makes it tricky to manifest what you really want.

The Goddess within you knows that. She is an expert at manifesting her desires with ease and grace. Self love is a way of life for her that she consciously practices every day. She knows that putting her self first, securing her own happiness and wellness first is the only way she can be the woman that has a lot to offer in life, work environment and in her relationships.

How do you express self love in your daily routines?

Do you give your self enough rest? Do you spoil your self a little every day knowing you deserve it?

What is the most loving thing that you do for your self when you want to express the appreciation for who you are?

On the scale from 1-10, where would you find your self on the scale of SELF LOVE? 

If your score is not quite a 10, take some baby steps to slowly invite more love into your life. Start with self acceptance, work your self up to self appreciation and eventually you will fall in love with your self. I know you will.

Daring Goddess

Have a Goddess ritual once a week when you consciously give your self some loving attention.

Maybe you  take a bath or cook a great healthy, yummy dinner. Maybe you turn your phone off for a few hours and ignore the demands of your life for a bit. Maybe you get your self the pair of heals you have been eyeing for a while because you feel like being sexy and a daring Goddess.

Make sure to take this time to check into the Self Love account. Do you need to make a deposit?

6. Grace

The Goddess within You is in details – the way she moves, walks, talks, in the way she does her hair and chooses her clothes each day.


Do you take time to feel pretty, to feel elegant or to feel sassy?

Is your closet a sad place to be for any Goddess or do you flaunt your feminine side in fun and empowering ways?

Do you pay attention to your walk and what kind of energy you project when you walk into a room?

On the scale from 1-10, how much do you choose to be the graceful Goddess you could be?

Here is a simple way to infuse more grace into your life:


Write down the names of 3 Goddesses that you loe and are inspired by – like Brigitte Bardot, Alicia Keys, your sassy girlfriend… and than write down 3 specific things you really find inspiring about each of these amazing women – their walk, the way they wear their hair or makeup, their voice, sense of style…and use this as an inspiration for the next 7 days.

For a week wear your most feminine, elegant clothes, try new softer colours and make sure to watch your walk. None of your inspirations this week would hunch or hide behind their clothes right?

Have fun with this and expect compliments. Indulge in that energy and start getting use to it. SMILE.

7. Ability to receive effortlessly

The Goddess whit-in You has an amazing ability to receive all good in life – loving attention abundance of all forms – opportunities to build her dream life, love and support, money…

Do things and opportunities to have what you truly desire come to you easily?

Do you have hard time asking for the things that you want and you know you deserve?

Do you feel uncomfortable or even guilty when you receive unexpected gifts?

Giving, Receiving, Balance, Feminine energy

Out of all these 7 shifts in mentality /way of being that you could practice to fully step into you power as a woman, I found this one to be the most important and the most powerful. Over the years on studying personal development, positive psychology concepts and Law of Attraction principle, I realized that many times everything else can be fully lined up – you are clear, you are living your life with intention and working hard to reach your goals, but if you are somehow blocked in your ability to receive, all your efforts will fall flat.

As women we can be so caught up in our overactive effort/habit to give attention, love and support to those around us – our family, our spouse, our children, our boss …. that it throws our ABILITY TO RECEIVE off big time.


Sometimes when we are in a “giver overdrive” mode, we shut down our ability to receive completely and nothing can get through.

This has been the most transformational discovery of my life. I grew up in a family of strong women, that would put everything and everyone else first, and doing otherwise would be considered very selfish and wrong.

It took my mom 50 years to finally have te courage to say: I want to pursue my passion and open my own business. She waited until her kinds were all grown up and she would not feel guilty to not be there for her family every day to do that.

Are you suffering from “The Nice Girl Syndrom”?

I know I did for many years.

What I am saying is that your ability to receive may be somehow compromised and you may not be fully aware of it.  One other thing I have learned is that when I feel overwhelmed (to take care of everyone else in my foolish effort to please the whole world, sounds familiar?) the gates of abundance are closed firmly. Te universe will not give me more than I can handle – good or bad, so I have to make room and let go of certain expectations and responsibilities that weren’t mine in the first place.

The universe we live in naturally strives for balance and that applies to our ability to give and to receive. If you are out of balance, the wise universe will try hard to point that out so you could tip the scales a little, or a lot if needed.

On the scale from 1-10 how much of a people pleaser/”giver in an overdrive” are you?

On the scale from 1-10 hw often do you put the happiness of other people first no matter how exhausted and overwhelmed you are while falling behind on your own dreams and goals?

On the scale from 1-10, how much are you allowing the abundance to flow into your life?

What are your numbers? Anything under 5 is an alarming sign that you out of balance and you most likely feel like you work so hard for every little thing, every little breakthrough in your personal or professional life. It’s time to exercise your willingness to receive more.

If you are not sure where to start to create more balance in your life in this area, I have a simple exercise for you to try. This quick morning routine will start inviting more opportunities to live your life in an abundant way. Here are 3 simple steps to acknowledging your abundance first thing in the morning:

5 Minutes Abundance Morning Meditation

1. After you gently wake up, sit up on your bed with your feet on the foor to ground your energy. Sit straight with your chest open and start taking slow, deep breaths. Enjoy the process. Notice your chest and stomach move, and how your body will become energized by the nice flow of oxygen being delivered to all parts of your body. Do this for about 2-3 minutes.

Modern Goddess Lifestyle, personal development for women

2. Stand up, open your arms wide, take another deep breath and say out loud: I am now open to receive my abundance in all expected or unexpected ways. I am willing to change. Repeat the process if you feel inspired to until you will feel an energizing shift in your energy.

3. Name 3 – 5 things you are open to receiving this day – a compliment, new career opportunities, loving partner, more health … have fun with this, dont over-think it or hold back. Trust the ability of the universe to deliver. It will, if you will allow your self to receive it.

How did your Modern Goddess Lifestyle test go?

  • If you find your self giving your self a score in any area that is lover than 5, than it’s time to really step up your Goddess game. And you know it. You feel it every day. If you don’t know where to start, please read my other article:

    5 Easy Ways to Step into Your Goddess Power as a Woman.

  • If you are anywhere from 5-7, you are well o your way and Congratulations! Where can you let your inner Goddess be in charge more? Make a specific list of 3-5 things, small changes that you could implement in your life that would pen more doors for love and abundance to flow in.
  • If you can score your self anywhere from 7 -10 in each area, you have really tapped into Your Inner Goddess and you should be proud, celebrate it and most of all keep it up. This world needs more Goddesses to lead the way into the world that is more balanced, accepting, loving and fun. Be the gentle but determined leader you know you were meant to be.

Have a beautiful day and let the Goddess within you lead the way to manifest the life you love.