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Guide to Being a Fierce Woman

The Modern Goddess workshop in Vancouver was more fun than I was prepared for. I loved every minute of it! Can’t wait to do another one. Watch out for the next one ladies!

Modern Goddess Workbook

I really enjoyed creating this fun workbook that explored (in detail) the 5 pillars od Goddess Mind-set. Every lady walked away with great notes and I loved the feeling of knowing how organized these notes were. Personal AHAS – that was the most valuable part of the workshop for each lady that has attended.

Life Coaching for women

The Modern Goddess workshop explored these below concepts :


  • Discovering Your Goddess side
  • Your Future Goddess Self
  • 5 Pillars of Goddess Mentality
  • Goddess Habits


  • 5 definitions of Goddess in love
  • Self Love and Balancing 2 core functions of love
  • Love list – Your manifesting tool to attract “the one”
  • Love gap and how to close it


  • Your personal brand vision statement
  • Irresistible you!
  • Your business brand vision

For more info on the content of this fun and transformational workshop for women, please visit the Goddess Coaching Workshops and Seminars Page.

‎It was a fantastic workshop. Learn so much and had an absolutely fabulous time. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone that truly wants to be a GODESS!!! ~ Karen 

Learning and having fun together – Goddess Style!

What a fun afternoon! I appreciate all these amazing Goddesses for taking the time out of their precious weekend and joining us for these 4 hours filled with learning and sharing the wisdom we all posses as women.

Modern Goddess - workshop for women

Here we are – Goddesses.

Life Coaching for women

Being a Goddess – It’s Your Birth Right!

You can step into your Goddess power through the way you move, walk and project your energy in each moment. Do you do that consciously? Do you live your life – Goddess style?

Life Coaching for women

Goddess – She Always Comes from a Place of Self Love and Appreciation 

Here we are embracing the 5 pillars of Goddess mentality. Learning, asking new questions and exploring our personal “Aha” moments durig these powerful 4 hours.

What is Goddess mentality?

Goddess truly leverages her focus and energy and expects things to go well for her. She understands that her power is in her re-action, not just the action.

Goddess trusts her circumstances and is fully aware of her energy in every moment so she can manifest her desires with ease. She uses her focus and poise to draw the needed opportunities, people and other resources into her life.

The Modern Goddess workshop woke me up to the fact that I had been holding back the feminine power within me.  As an educator and business woman, I have achieved a lot in my life but had not realized how much I was neglecting myself.  The workshop allowed me to see not only that I was doing that but gave me the tools to shift it.  Since attending, I have felt more fully present with myself as woman.  This workshop was great value for money and I would highly recommend it.  

~ Monica Regan, Personal Achievement Coach, ~

Life Coaching for women

Who is a Goddess?

  • A female being of supernatural powers or attributes, believed in and worshiped by a people.
  • Often Goddess is a female being believed to be the source of life and being and worshiped as the principal deity in various religions.
  • A woman of great beauty or grace.
  • She is greatly admired or/and adored woman.

We are goddesses! ~ Monica Regan

Who is your favorite personal goddess (a woman you admire and respect) today and why? How does she inspire you? 

Life Coaching for women

Everyone looks gorgeous! It was so much fun spending the afternoon with the group. Thanks for coming out ladies – such a pleasure meeting you all. ~ Nazima Ali

Life Coaching for women

What amazing day! With some amazing Goddesses! ~ Lana Beck

Life Coaching for women

Our tea brake to refresh and chat a little while snaking on Goddess worthy treats – fresh strawberries, chocolate, cookies and an afternoon tea. Yummy!

Life Coaching workshop for women

Goddess Talk: She chooses her words with care and understands the power of her language.

Life Coaching workshops for women

Do you nourish your body with good food, kind words and thoughts in each moment? 

Life Coaching workshops for women

Goddess has an amazing ability to receive all good in life.  

Life Coaching for women

We learned a lot from each other, laughed and made some new friends to support each other in living our lives in a way that honours the Goddess within.

Life Coaching workshops for women

Thank YOU ladies for honoring your Goddess self by coming to this transformational and (we hope) fun workshop! ~ Erika and Nazima.

Big Thank You to Our Sponsors!

The great give-aways like Pampering Spa certificate from Spa Diva, Life Coaching package I personally donated as well as Business mentoring that my partner Nazima Ali donated were great add ons to the excitement and value that each Goddess received in exchange for her time and energy invested at the event. Salon Lana donated a great 1st time client offer to keep beautiful and happy.

Tia Hoshizaki Photography

Workshops for women, Vancouver

I want to say BIG THANK YOU to Tia Hoshizaki for taking these beautiful pictures! She is another talented Goddess that I am blessed with in my life. These are great memories!

To see more of Tia’s photography, you can visit here Portfolio here :  Tia Hoshizaki Photography

Spa Diva

Workshops for women,Vancouver

Big THANK YOU to the Spa Diva for donating a wonderful Spa session certificate! Cheryl was very excited for this pampering experience (as you can see , SMILE). To learn more about the exciting Spa Diva, check out their Facebook page

Salon Lana

Workshops for women, Vancouver

Salon Lana also extended a great offer to all ladies by offering incredible 1st time client offer – a great excuse to get a new fun hair-do to feel beautiful and sexy as a Goddess should.