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In last 2 weeks I was in situations when I was really aware of how abundant and amazing life can be.

With my boyfriend we have left our beautiful white spanish apartment with a breathtaking ocean view we were enjoying every morning for a few months, and we were off to Paris. I was born in Europe but I have never been to Paris. We were both so excited!

And Paris didn’t let us down, even during mostly grey and rainy days. We loved it.


The whole time I was walking the streets of Paris and taking in the magic of being in such an exciting city I was thinking:

” What’s next ? How good does it get? “.

A thought bubbled up in my mind: ” How did I deserve all this? “ also thinking of all the travels I have done with Michael in the last few years. We have seen so many beautiful places all over the world in the last few years, and were able to live in places that resemble “paradise on earth”.

The part of me that grew up in a family where I was told over and over again that things are hard to get, that I need to work hard every day and will get little in return anyway, and that life is not so dreamy, was having a hard time with all the goodness flowing from everywhere like it was no big deal.

Have I worked hard enough for this? Do I truly deserve it all? … Will it keep up?

And than I was reminded of something a dear friend and gifted energy healer Anna told me:

This sort of life – a good life is my birth right. Remember that. 

So I accepted it fully and with a trusting feeling in my heart that I am deserving of all that comes easily or through hard work. That’s what this week’s mantra is about.

Abundance Mantra

What is Abundance?

Often Abundance is only understood as what we have earned by hard work or what we can buy with the money we have in our bank account.

In the last few years I have learned that abundance is a mindset that attracts the best opportunities, the best deals, things being given to you for free or as a gift. From my own experience I now know that having an abundance mindset is like the best bank account backed up by the universe and its ability to create “financial miracles”.

When I take action while practicing abundance mindset, all efforts are rewarded by tenfold.

To challenge your mindset and understanding of abundance, watch the video below. Bashar is my favourite channeling personality that I like listening when I need to realign my own thinking to get more out of my life. He is not for everyone ( just like the idea of channelling) but the ideas he shares are very liberating and uplifting. So here he is:

Where can you accept more abundance in your life?

What if you got more for all your efforts?

What if there are people that want to add goodness to your life because it makes them feel happy. That’s all.

What if you got more lucky. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Where can you let go of attitudes and thoughts that are a reflection on self doubt and mindset of fear or luck?