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It’s almost a Christmas time and we are also approaching the New Year.

It’s important that we enter this holiday season with open hearts and able to see the big picture in life grounded in the energy of compassion, forgiveness and clarity of mind.

Monday Goddess Mantra

Every day of your past year have been filled with interactions that you had with many people – some of them friends, co-workers, boyfriends/husbands, family members or just strangers.

Some of these experiences may have been great and lovely but others may have upset you, hurt you or even may have broken your heart in tiny little pieces.

It’s possible that in last 12 months you have accumulated some stubborn, overwhelming energy of disappointment ( in others or yourself ), anger or regret, or some other feelings you could be losing energy and your sanity to. If there is some uncomfortable and heavy energy lingering in your being and in your life, this Monday mantra is for you.

Do a quick scanning on yourself and your life in 2013. How do you feel? What sticks out? 

Write down what needs to be looked at again and maybe re-visited with an open mind and a fresh new perception.

From my experience as a Coach, there is always a positive, empowering message built into everything “seemingly negative” that happens to us. Another rule is: the bigger the crisis, the more important the message to be received. If you can’t “crack” the code, ask someone you trust to help you to see the light in it.

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional

Please remember that nothing happens for the purpose of you just feeling pain. No one is ever being punished or a victim to someone else’s careless behaviour.

I know that is a hard one to take in but I have learned that if I “process life well” and keep in mind that all painful interactions are actually “uber important” lessons I needed to learn and pay attention to, most often challenging my ability to see things with an open mind and from a perspective, my life will change for better. 

In fact, when I delay learning those lessons I get stuck.

Where do you need to clear the air before this year is over ?

In my last few blog posts I talked about the feeling of being stuck in some way. From my experience as a Coach and as a person that has moved through some stubborn obstacles in my life, I have learned that any time I want to move to the next stage of my life, I need to “clear the air”.

Not only that, if I don’t “clear the air”, it may affect me physically. Getting unwell or sick is often the side effect of that heavy, “undigested/unprocessed” energy we hold onto that gets stuck in our bodies and starts eating away at our well-being.

The type of energy that is required for moving forward is very clean energy – no regrets, no second guessing of what I should’ve or could’ve done better this past year, no grudges to hold on to because you feel mistreated by someone.

Let go of the junk accumulated through the turbulence of life – fights with our loved ones, friends, people at work or a husband/wife …lighten up so you can lift of to the next stage of your life. Keep the lessons learned, let go of everything else.

More important than what happened is what how you react to it, or as I like to say ” how we process life”.

Forgive and move forward

So re-think those situations ” that still stick out emotionally”, see if there is some “uber important” message from the universe you have missed while distracted by feeling hurt and mistreated.

Forgive – the others and yourself where it’s needed, and move forward.

This week’s mantra:

Moving forward, Forgivness

Forgiveness is the most powerful tool for improving your life, hands down. And I mean Forgiveness practiced in the relationship you have with your self as well as in the relationships with others. 

If you want are looking for more affirmations for letting go and practicing forgiveness, here is a great resource I love : When you visit the site you will also find a cool iPhone app – Affirm Your Life app that is easy and fun to use.

Have an amazing Monday, and happy thoughts (of forgiveness)!