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Out of all the mantras in the world, I think this one is the most powerful one.

” I am willing to change “. 

Monday Mantra- change

Helpful affirmations to compliment this week’s Monday mantra.

I am now attracting the right people, opportunities and tools to become the person I want to be. 

I am willing to do things differently. 

The more I allow my self to get out of my comfort zone, the better and more exciting my life becomes. 

I am open to meeting new people and I am willing to share my dreams and goals with others. I am open to receiving support to make the changes I desire from expected and unexpected sources.

How do you feel about the idea of change?

Is it needed in your life right now?

It’s a human nature (for most people as there are exceptions to this) to resist change.

Yet, we always want things to be better, to feel better, we tend to want more from life consistently (which is all good and makes life exciting) but we also like to hold onto what we know and trust.

Your life is direct extension of who you are as a person, NO exceptions.

So if you are not completely happy and satisfied with how your life feels right now, than it’s time to “meet your future self” – the person you need to become so your life could follow that lead.

It’s actually really straight forward and simple concept that is fail-proof. If you follow this model, you will change your life.

But you need to be very specific about the little steps you need to take during this process.

So, let’s talk about that.

How to get excited about making a change

As hard as it is to leave the familiar things behind, doing things differently can make you FEEL ALIVE AGAIN. That feeling is just as addictive as feeling comfortable.

Change can also be overwhelming so you need a little plan to keep you excited and on track as you go.

Keep that in mind when you do the exercise below:

How exactly are you willing to change in the different areas go your life? 

Do an inventory of each specific area of your life. What kind of specific changes in your personality are you willing to make in the next few weeks and months.


What kind of person do you need to become to create better, more enjoyable career? How do I need to change my approach to doing my job so I can have more opportunities to grow and be better rewarded for my time and energy?


What kind of person do you need to become to have a better connection with people in your life? What does your partner needs that you are not willing to give right now?

Self care:

What kind of person do you need to become to feel better in your own skin? Where do you need to treat your selfbetter? How can you introduce more balance into your life by choosing your reactions to daily life? What trades of your personality are clearly standing in a way of you having the life you want?


What kind of person do you need to become to enjoy better health and have more energy? What are the personality trades you need to let go of to have the body you want?

Still not feeling clear on what you need to do?

Here is a great tip – answer these simple question:

What am I willing to STOP doing?

How am I willing to NOT BEHAVE anymore because it’s distractive to my life?

How will you start making these changes?

3 simple recommendations:

  • Only pick 1 or max 2  areas of your life to focus on. All areas of your life as connected on many different levels. Making changes in one area of your life will have a big impact on all the other areas. The change in your personality you will make will “bleed into” everyting you do. That’s the beauty of creating change by becoming a better, more capable version of yourself. It will effect everything you do and what you get out of life in general on any given day.
  • Get very, very specific. What are the little things you can start doing daily? Make a list, be creative and then pick 3 things (or just one that is what I call a “power move” – single change that will have a huge impact on your life) you can start doing immediately. Over time you can incorporate all the ideas on your list.
  • Change takes time. Give your self the time and space to fail, to pick your self up and to have good days and bad days until the change will stick.

Here are some inspirational women creating powerful moments of change in 2013: read the article here – 28 Most Iconic Feminist Moments of 2013


Life begins at the end of your comfort zone