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Happy Monday everyone!

I was thinking about the fact that this week’s mantra will be the first mantra of 2014 so it better be a great one and one of those you can use all year long. Something to keep your mind and your energy in a place where miracles can happen every day and manifesting the life you want is not a struggle.

So this week’s mantra is inspired by one of the smartest and most innovative people that has graced our little planet – Albert Einstein.

Make a decision to live in a supportive universe

I am safe

Here is one of Einstein’s famous quotes and my personal favourite that inspired this mantra:

The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe “. ~ Albert Einstein 

Albert Einstein

It truly is the most important decision. Why?

Because you can either manifest from your fears and not much good can happen based on that, or you can manifest from a place of trust and peace knowing that universe and people around you have your back. 

I’d say, choose the option B. If you follow that advice, world becomes a place where things just tend to work out for you and the help you need is always near by. It’s a no brainer.

Todays research in metaphysics and psychology confirms what Einstein knew and purposely named – the MOST important decision.

I understand that it may be hard at times to trust the people in your life and life in general when you have many experiences of people disappointing you, not being there for you or even hurting you, experiences of things not working out at all, and feeling like you have to fear anything that comes at you next.

As they say, sh#t happens and it happens to all of us but the important thing is that you can have a fresh start with each though you have and put out there ( which is your attracting power).

Here are some supporting affirmations I like to use to compliment this week’s mantra: 

Everyone is always helpful.

People in my life are supportive. All I have to do is to be open to that support.

Things have a tendency to work out for me.

You can course correct and put your energy and attention where you can start attracting very different experiences immediately.

The universe only cares about your thoughts and your attitude now. Not what you were thinking and feeling 5 minutes ago, yesterday or last year. All that counts is your thought NOW. That is your attracting power.

Remember that in 2014.

So on those days that you will feel like you are slipping into your old shoes of fear and expecting things to go wrong and people being unsupportive or even hostile, watch the video below. It does the trick for me. Few minutes of listening to Abraham Hicks is like a magic wand that someone  waved over me and my mind shifts into a better place instantly.

Abraham Hicks on trusting your vibration

Invite some love and support into your life in 2014

And here is a little exercise to do so. Take out a notebook and write down very specifically:

1. Where did you feel supported and loved in your life last year? 

2. Where and how do you support the people in your life?

And most importantly write down:

3. Where would you like to receive more support in your life?

4. What are the specific ways people in your life could support you in creating the life and career you want?

5. In what way could the universe support you each day? Hint : what kind of coincidences would you like to invite into your life?

The next step is ASKING for the help you need. And it is a must. Pride and shyness aside, you have to ask for what you want in life – loud and clear. After all, most people are not mind readers and that means that we have to speak up for ourselves so we can co-create our reality with others without struggle and unnecessary misunderstandings.

Have a lovely Monday!