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Valentine’s day can bring up a lot of romantic ideas that could get anybody into a big trouble.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s important and vital to any relationship to make a clear and simple decision to freely express the love we feel for anyone that deserves our loving attentions.

This emotional and mental shift about expressing love daily has been one of the biggest breakthroughs of my personal life.

This simple decision I made about 7 years ago, changed my luck in relationships and I never looked back.

At the same time, I think that to reserve the act of expressing love ( in some outrageous ways because that is the standard of Valentine’s day) to one specific day that is surrounded by a huge amount of pressure that media and our society have created in the last few years, is out of balance.

So, just use the Valentine’s day as an opportunity TO OPEN YOUR HEART. It can be that simple.

And I wanted to dedicate this weeks mantra to this simple idea. I hope this 3 step mantra will help you to shift your energy into a place where you can both give and receive all kinds of love on any given day.

Valentine's day mantra to attract your soulmate

My heart is open to give and receive love

I am deserving of a loving, supportive and respectful relationship and I am now divinely guided every day to meet the person I want to share my life with.

I practice letting go of all the fears that keep my guarded and unreachable for the people that love and appreciate me as I am. 

This 3 parts mantra is build around 3 things that are needed so you can really experience the kind of love that needs no proofs and tests. You just know it’s right and you can trust it.

The 3 pillars of letting true love into your life are:

  1. Open heart that allows for flow of love in and out of your life with ease and without fear.
  2. Strong Self Worth that is felt in your heart and that universe can reflect on in all of your relationships.
  3. Your ability to let go of fears and blocks possibly collected in those more difficult relationships you have been in. Others words, leave the ugly baggage of your past relationships behind or it will recreate the same hurtful story. Protective heart can stand in a way of  true love finding it’s way into your life.

Don’t fall into Valentine’s Day trap

How you are treated on Valentine’s day is not a true reflection on whether you are loved fully. It would be too easy.

What happens on every other day of the year is more important so don’t fall into Valentine’s day trap that the perfect set up disappointment, feeling sad or even angry. There is a very good reason for well-known phenomenon of Valentine’s day – increase of break-ups (and divorce applications) on this special day that is suppose to be all about love.

Just because you are dating a guy who is not the most romantic man you know, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. Not at all. We all should have the right to love in a ways that are unique to us aligned with what is truly important to us in our relationships.

Valentine’s day offers a cookie – cutter plan about how should this day unfold and if the man follows the plan he is often safe (no matter what else is going in your relationship outside of this 24 hours window).

I found a few statistics connected to Valentine’s day that are eye opening:

  • 52 % of women ( and 16 % of men) are envious of romantic gestures that others receive. Should Valentine’s day be a competition?
  • 37 % of men ( and 13 % of women) think that their partner would be devastated if they forgot Valentine’s day.
  • 45% of men ( and 19 % of women ) think that men should also be spoiled on Valentine’s day.

Source of these stats.

I think that’s enough reasons for being careful about our expectations connected to February 14th. Don’t allow Valentines Day to get in a way of your relationship. It’s not worth it.

I think the original idea of Valentine’s day was nice and even uplifting but it was derailed by companies that can really “bank” on all the pressure that this day creates.

So be aware of this and here are a few tips I founds on how to handle the stress and outrageous expectations of Valentine’s day: 

How to understand your expectations connected to Valentine’s day.

Lover your expectations and enjoy your Valentine’s day.

Tips how to beat Valentines day’s stress.

I wish you a wonderful week full of expressions of love that you both give or receive your self. Open your heart in a way that pushes your ability to feel and express love and you’ll have a day full of miracles and kindness. Best Valentine’s day ever!