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I have just arrived at my mom’s house in Slovakia. I love coming home to see family and to “load up” on my mom’s amazing cooking BUT every visit home also brings up challenges. As soon as I unpack I start seeing parts of me long forgotten bubbling up.

I was brought up do rather do more than less, and rather faster than slower. My mom is a very energetic person, hard worker but also a very stressed out woman. But she just thinks that there is nothing she can do about that. It’s a way of life to her.

For a long time I thought that chasing my own tail all day long was ok. Actually I thought it was the right way to go about my day.

The price of feeling “productive”

I would be going to bed feeling beyond exhausted but also feeling like I was busy all day and that was somehow satisfying. Problem was, while I was rushing around trying to just “get things done” I did not have time to pause and ask my self:

Is this the best way to invest my energy?

Why I am I doing this?

Am I doing this to chase my own dreams or just to please others? ( to be a good girl).

And I know that I have missed many opportunities to correct my course from destination ” feeling productive” to “feeling happy and on purpose”.

Not to mention that all that running around and willingly putting my self through all kinds of unnecessary stress cause my health to go down hill fast.

Learning how to slow down was against my basic instincts built up in over 20 years of my life, but it was the best epiphany of my life. 

I regained my sanity, my health and my ability to DECIDE what is worth my time and effort each day. I started making smart decisions in stead of rushed ones.

Abundance mantra, slowing down

Slowing down means gaining FULL CONTROL over your life, one decision at the time.

When we rush around we are on an autopilot and in some kind of a trace that doesn’t allow us to see the signs of being on a path of self-destruction.

Also, today I know that universe provides endless opportunities to fulfill our dreams every day, but when we are in that ” I am busy trance” we can’t hear or see any signs that could lead us to being offered a better job, finding “the one” or  being in the right place at the right time for getting lucky like getting a great deal on that new computer that you otherwise could not afford.

Slowing down is the new PRODUCTIVITY MODE. I hope you you will join the club of lucky ones.