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Having one of those days when you are thinking something is impossible for you? My brother just posted this video on his Facebook page and I had to put it on my site right away, it had such an impact on me.

We as human being are incredible, our bodies are incredible and so is our focus and our willingness to learn and risk our lives to reach new highs of whats possible in our minds. Watch this video and judge for your self. People are awesome!

This quote really fits this video :

The only limits we have are the limits we believe. – Dr. Wayne Dyer

When was it last time you were able to overcome your limited thinking about your self or someone else?

One of my biggest achievements was to learn how to speak, read and write in English. I was born in Slovakia and moved to England to work as a nanny when I was 18. It was a brave choice and I was terrified because during my 4 years of English classes in school, I really sucked, just couldn’t get it. English made no sense to me and even though I considered myself an intelligent girl and a good student after those 4 years I gave up on my self a little. I wanted to travel and see the world and I was going to find a way how to communicate with people the best way I could, being prepared for a challenging experience. Who knew I would actually fall in love with English language shortly after. I remember how much I hated it at school.

Limiting beliefs, Law of attraction

I have lived in English speaking countries for over 10 years now and I even dream in English now (my mom said that after she watched me sleeping when I would visit my family back home every couple of years :-)). I have read many books in English, in fact I re-candled my love for reading books while learning English. I have also done some seminars for women in Vancouver as well as a few other public speaking events, all in english. And most of all, I am writing this blog knowing there will be some mistakes here and there. But my love for English language and learning as well as teaching/coaching is bigger than the fear that someone could judge me for those little unimportant mistakes. I hope you enjoyed my blog and I would love to hear your story that could inspire others visiting this blog. Please share and leave a comment bellow.

Let me know what you think and what are the limits that don’t seem so crazy now.

I know you are awesome!