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During my coaching practice I realized that the the most common request for Life Coaching with me is people’s desire to manifest a wonderful partner and inviting a lot of love into my clients life. No matter what else is going on in our lives if we don’t feel loved, nothing feels right.

love and relationship Coaching

What a lot of people don’t realize is that all areas of our lives are so connected and the relationships we experience (or not) with the people in our lives are just the reflections on the relationship with have with our own selves and the level of Self Love we exercise daily.

Here is a common assumption that people make when trying to understand why they are not being treated well in their (personal or professional) relationships. I often hear:

” But I treat people around me so well. I will do anything to make sure everyone around me is happy, so why am I NOT getting that back?”

Many people just assume if I just make sure that everyone else around me is happy, I’ll get it back. The think is, the universe is never rewarding or punishing you. It only mirrors your action or mimics your relationship with your own self. To better understand this concept, see my other blog post.

It’s a monkey see, monkey do game we play with the universe. It a is a wonderful way to make sure that we are in full control of our life at all times. It allows us to be the the one who decides fully about conditions of your life.

Through this simple process we create every relationship we experience and this is a sure way to transform our relationships as well.

Relationships gone wrong. What to do?

life coach, relationshipI would life to ask this question:

How well do you attend to your own needs?

How much love and attention do you give to your self on daily basis?

Are you and your needs at the bottom of your list every day ?

If the answer is yes, you will be manifesting people coming into your life that will put you and your needs at the bottom of their list. Does that make sense? Examine your life for a minute to see the connection.

Change the way you treat your self and you will experience the changes in your relationships you desire as a reflection of the new approach and attention to your self almost immediately. This may require for you to re-define the word selfish, but you can do it. Get back to your self and be as kind to your self as you can in every moment. You will start attracting the same.

Put your self first, you deserve it

Self respect and appreciation is at the core of process of manifestation of our daily lives especially our relationships. Practice makes perfect. Start NOW. I call it BEING HEALTHISH ( healthy selfish ). Healthy amount of selfishness in your life can be a very positive choice. It also speaks to taking responsibility for your own happiness and its an effective way to get out of the habit of blame.

And don’t you feel guilty about putting your self first!

New habit that can create new relationships

Next time you ll make the list of things to to today, reserve the first 3 spots for tasks that take care of you and will add to YOUR happiness.

I call these POWER ACTIONS. It could be something you do like taking a bath, going to the gym ….. but it could also just be a shift in attitude like: I will say NO to the people that abuse my kindness, I will slow down and reduce the stress in my life, I will speak my mind when I feel uncomfortable etc… It could also be an affirmation that you will focus on that day.

Be creative , but most of all be persistant until you will feel and see the change in your life.

Then continue writing your list. Try this for a week making sure you will be the priority every day and watch what happens. Consider your goals of changing your job, getting healthier, or dancing lessons you wanted to take for 9 months now….

Happy HEALTHISH week! 🙂

Angel Affirmations for Romantic Love by Doreen Virtue

Here is a great video from Doreen Virtue to “tune you up” to the frequency of love: