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These two concepts are so tightly connected, yet many people today don’t see this connection, which causes a lot of frustration. The Law of attraction simply matches similar or same vibrations, energies, thoughts together and we see it as a manifestations of the events in our lives bringing us closer to what we want or the opposite of that.

When I personally realized that the amount of abundance that I experience is equal to the amount of self love I allow my self to feel on daily bases, a lot of events of my past started to make sense.
I grew up in the family where hard work and pleasing other people were understood to be the only way of deserving self appreciation and feeling satisfaction and most of all getting the approval of others around.

Manifesting Abundance should not be exhausting.

A lot of people spend so much time and energy following all the rules and working really hard, over time and adding more people to the list of people to satisfy, only to find out how much harder they have to work. We loose relationships, health, even ability to relax.
I personally have been there.The worst part is that it only gets worse until we get exhausted and give up and finally attend to OUR basic needs.

When we finally become priority for our selves, we become the priority for the rest of the universe/the world we live in and the Law of attraction starts mirroring this new attitude. And we finally receive what we have been wanting, sometimes in to us most unusual ways.We sometimes call it finally getting lucky. The universe with the help of the Law of Attraction mirrors our thoughts on how abundance is created and how we get what we want. If we belief that we have work hard and get exhausted before we can receive what we want, we will experience this exact process. To learn more about your beliefs manifesting your reality,please read my other blog post on the Law of Attraction.

Our belief that we are deserving of all the things we are wanting and that they should come easily and effortlessly (while we still take action, but don’t get exhausted) is what manifests as nice, consistent flow of all kinds of Abundance into our lives.

Here is an Abraham Hicks video on this important topic. Abraham is a very well known figure in the teaching of Law of Attraction today their teachings are at the core of my practice as a Life coach.

My little story of receiving Abundance.

I like to demonstrate this concept on a little story from my own life. Just like almost every other woman, I love flowers. My home for the last ten years is Vancouver. The city in spring is so beautiful. Parks are colorful, full of flowers of all kinds and the whole city smells amazing. My neighborhood turns into gardens and I got in the habit of taking a walk every evening to get some fresh air, enjoy the beautiful colors and the happiness that comes with the experience. Every couple of days I would also bring home a few fresh flowers to lighten up my apartment.
So for couple of  weeks I was giving my self fresh flowers and I was doing it with the intention to appreciate my self and exercise receiving little gifts from my self or others in my life. This simple self appreciation gesture was making me very happy.

Abundance of Flowers

Couple of days later I was having a meeting with my clients and to my surprise and delight, I received a big beautiful bouquet of flowers from her. 🙂 This was like a big finale as it was the biggest and most beautiful bouquet of flowers I brought home in last few weeks. On the way home from my meeting I also realized I just said to my friend earlier that week : ” The thing with the universe is, that its a monkey see, monkey do game we play with it.” The universe imitates us and amplifies the way we treat our selves for us to see when we take a step in the wrong direction or the other way around.

What is your next step to experiencing your abundance?

If there is something you would like experience in your life and that’s missing ,take my advice and give it to your self first.
If you want more love, be more loving to your self. If you would like more respect, start making more self respecting decisions in your life. If you would like more luxury in your life, buy your self something luxuries you can afford now. It could be a lunch in a beautiful restaurant or new towels for your bathroom, or an expensive bedding.That was my choice. I love sleeping and reading in my bed, so I went shopping one day and made,until that moment, very unusual purchase and bought my self amazing bedding worth a queen. At the time I made this decision, it was a very luxurious choice and an investment, but also a reminder of a new standard of living I was going to expect and learn to invite into my life.

No step you will take is small enough to start activating the flow of your abundance. What is the next luxury or a little act of kindness to your self, that will sent the right signals to the always listening universe?