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Share your Gratitude thoughts with others. We all know about the importance and affect of Gratitude habits and how it speeds up the manifestation of what we want.

” When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.”
Anthony Robbins World Authority on Leadership Psychology.

Your On-Line Gratitude Community

gratitude, new habits

I have just recently discovered very cool site where you can share your appreciation for the little or big things in life on daily bases and also interact with grateful others. Here is the website:

The GratitudeLog is the community for spreading gratitude and appreciation. Open to shiny, happy people, businesses, and organizations all over the world. You can sign up for free and start practicing your new attitude.

Let me know what you think this idea and if you decided to join. I think we now live in such an amazing, interconnected world and I am so appreciative of the internet – the channel that can can instantly connect us with so many other people with the same interests, so we can learn from each other faster.