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Wherever we are all going (in our life, in our  careers etc…) we like to get there asap.

That is what living in an “instant satisfaction” era means.

Patience seams to be the thing of the past. Ad that is what seams to be the problem #1 for many people.

I call it “trying to push the river” syndrom. I suffer from it, from time to time. I am better at catching my self faster now, but it does require me to be grounded and very aware of myself and what I am being influenced by every day.

What about you? Do you try push the river from time to time?

How to make your affirmations work


When we start using affirmations, it’s like seeding a little tiny seeds (of new, healthier mentality) and it takes time till these seeds get firmly rooted and start sprouting growing bigger and bigger every day.

Those seeds need to be supported as well to grow strong and steadily. They need to be watered regularly, they need sun and lots of loving attention.

In the same way your affirmations need to be supported to take roots, to become/grow into strong positive beliefs that can start dominating the way you think.

Your affirmations need to be supported by you

So there are some responsibilities and a need to invest your time and energy. But the pay off is great.

Your affirmations:

1. Need to be practiced regularly and for a while for you to start seeing results.

The bigger the change you are trying to create/manifest the more you need to be ready to have some patience and let the new thoughts to take some roots. When your mind tends to operate in fear, doubt and other form of negative thinking, it’s like putting your seeds in a hostile environment. They will need lots of care and extra attention to survive and to sprout eventually.

2. You affirmations need to be supported by aligned emotional state.

The emotional energy is to affirmations what water is to a plant seed. It’s absolutely necessary. What does aligned means? If you are using your words/affirmations to create harmony, health, happiness than you have to offer emotions that are in that range – feeling like you are getting healthier each day, feelings of harmony with your self and others (other words acceptance) or feelings of happiness – shifting your focus on that which brings you happiness already. (Appreciation and gratitude come very handy here. wing,wing).

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3. Your affirmations need to soothe your mind and soul.

If your affirmations feel overwhelming, feel really fake and unauthentic, they will likely fail.

When you are choosing the affirmations to practice every day, here is what I recommend:

Use simple words that feel natural and imitate the way you speak naturally. For example: Money flows to me like an abundant river. – really? who talkes  like that? Shakespeare? How about: Money loves me. I am excited to attract new opportunities to expand my income easily. I am open to receiving money from expected and unexpended sources more. You get my point.

Get more general. If  your affirmations are not working, you may be complicating the process more than necessary for your self. For example, let’s take  this affirmation: I am now attracting the opportunities to get promoted this month. The urgency and pressure of the time limit can feed any doubts and fears easily and those are the forces that may eventually out-weight your hopes and dreams that will not be able to manifest then.

Try:  I am now attracting the opportunities to get promoted. I am excited about this and I know it will be presented to me at the perfect time.

Simplify. Take the work,the effort out of your affirmations. I love using ONE OR TWO WORDS AFFIRMATIONS  like Abundance, New job, More clients, Beautiful apartment, Fun Vacation, Loving boyfriend… Just  repeat these simple statements and let your mind flood with any images that represent those positive words, indulge your self in that energy and the wonderful feelings/emotions they create in your being. This works like a charm and it’s super fun.

And also keep this in mind:


Ease your way into intentional manifesting by deciding to use affirmation for the purpose of just training our mind to think more positively, to pick better thoughts to play with at the beginning.

Dropp the heavy expectations for a while and just try to develop a new skill. It’s a skill like any other. If you have bad habits you need to allow your self some transition time and also expect that you may “suck ass at this” for a little while, but that doesn’t mean that you are not making progress and eventually will succeed. It’s up to you and your will and discipline how long that will take.

Happy thoughts and expect good things.