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January is an interesting time of the year. There is so much excitement and anticipation of what will happen to our golas and dream in the new year.

Life Coaching tips to get unstuck

The whole idea of setting breakthrough, sometimes pretty big goals at this time of year can create an invisible constant pressure to “do something” that may result in sort of a depression if things are not moving along as fast as you hoped for. 

Maybe you have experienced that in your own life.

I hear that when I talk to my clients and people to know. Any big change that we want to create is a process. We sometimes forget that. Considering the fact that we live in an “instant” world where we generally needed/wanted  things to be done yesterday, it’s easy to forget that making significant change when it comes to the quality of our lives takes time.

Never the less, it feels good to get a little push and to create a momentum that we can be excited to keep up with.

Simple trick to get you unstuck and excited about life again

Here is a little trick I personally use and often recommend to my clients that feel really stuck and just plain uninspired. It works like a charm and it’s actually really fun once you get into it.

In the next few days or at least for a day, try this:

Live Your Life Backwards for a Day or a Few

This is a very simple idea that can grow into quite a project once you start really getting the benefits. Here is what I mean by that:

Life Coaching tools

Do the little things that make up for your day differently, or even backwards.

This may require you giving it some thought and planning things out a little, and most of all it will require your full awareness and being present not giving into old habits and set in stone behaviours that you have established for your self. 

Here are some specific ideas that will demonstrate this fun exercise that can perk up your energy and attract many new and exciting experiences into your life: 

  • If you always have eggs and toast for breakfast, do a smoothie instead or have some cereals.
  • If you generally wake up late and leave your house in a hurry just pulling any cloths that will do out of your closet, do the oposite. Plan your outfit the night before to make sure you can leave looking and feeling great in more calm matter. Do your make-up and hair if that is what you normally don’t do.
  • If you never wear pink, buy your self a new blouse in the shade you can handle for now and rock it.
  • If you always take the same route while you are driving to work, choose an alternative one that you do rarely or never.
  • If you tend to eat out for lunch, make your own lunch or eat at a new place you have never been to.
  • Instead of always going to the same coffee shop, explore and find a new one in your area for a change.
  • If there is a co-worker that you normally don’t talk to, take the time to say hello and even have some fun conversation.
  • Plan your whole weekend if you are one of those people that are always going with the flow never making plans (not usually doing much because of that maybe).
  • If you always go to Tuesday Yoga class, go on Wednesday instead.
  • If you go for a run to the same park every day, find another park in your area that you would like to check out.
  • Do something you never do. Take a new class, book a trip to Europe or a random city close by you have never been to, on a whim. Go for it.
  • You can also go big like reverse all your routines, especially the ones you have had for years.
  • If you are always the one waiting for the guy to call after a fun date, pick up the phone and call him. Let him know how you feel and ask him to a lunch. Now that’s gutsy! (smile).
  • If you never really speak your mind at work or in your personal life, raise your hand and say what is on your mind. Forget about what others will think of you for a minute, and just say what you really think.
  • If you run your own business, try a whole new, backwards approach. Offer your services in a whole new way or head in a new marketing direction. Take the risk and see what happens.

I guess you get the idea. I want to say that even making few small changes could have a snowballing effect that will shift your life in a whole new direction. I really recommend to keep going as long as you need to which means you start noticing your energy is up, you have attracted new very interesting, even weird experiences and new people into your life. Stick to it and consistently keep asking your self :

What would I usually do in this situation? And than do the oposite.

Of course, the bigger the changes, the bigger the benefits you will receive .

“You have to take risks. We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen”. ~ Paulo Coehlo

Why this exercise works so well:

  • 1.It really forces you to be present during your day. many times we miss things that are under our noses because we are “in the zombie zone” and not paying attention.
  • 2. This exercise is a great way to attract some new people and new relationships into our lives that can offer new, fresh perspective, helpful advise. You could even meet “the one” while paying this fun game with the universe. The relationships we have are often the reason why we feel certain way about our life, our job…
  • 3. It’s clear demonstation of your willingness to change and to invite change into your life. Remember  that the universe only mirrors the way we function – that is our attracting power. Once you express this intention, the world around you will reflect on it pretty quickly. I guarantee that!

Routines are great. They make us feel calm, secure and grounded, but when they grow into ” the living zombie version of your life” it’s time to perk them up or even let go so you could feel alive and energized again.