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This year, I am sure there will be many people with an intention to start shifting away from energy consuming habits of thinking which can get us sucked back into the mentality of ” life is tough”, ” things don’t just happen for me”, ” I have to earn every piece of happiness I get” ….etc.

I am not too familiar with the Star wars series, but I vividly remember one clip with one of my favorite quotes from this famous master -piece. Here it is:

“Always Remember, Your Focus Determines Your Reality.”  Qui-Gon Jinn.

Focused mind

I would like to remind everyone reading this post that what we focus on expands. We tent to forget that and that is what really makes things tough on us as we start accumulating the feedback on our choice of perception. To start expecting our lives to unfold in pleasant, easy or even effortless ways takes developing new habits of thinking and focusing.

These habits need to on-going and eventually become a natural part of our lives and our way of thinking. When we make the shift, new possibilities and ways of experiencing life will be available to us and one day we will able to say ” Things always work out for me” with a complete conviction.

Sonia Choquette: How to be Happy

To leave the victim mentality, complaining or worrying too much behind we need start our each day with new approach. Here is a simple yet powerful tip from one of my favourite book authors in the field of spirituality : Sonia Choquette.

If you are not familiar with her work and her books, I highly recommend to look into it. Her books are one of my most common to recommend to my clients as they are easy and fun to read, while being full of wisdom and practical tips how start living a happy life and reconnect with your spirit.

How to allow LIFE to flow through us.

Here are the simple tips to allow life to flow and to become more positive and productive each day:

  • Tip # 1: Practice setting your goals for the day (not for the year or the month just for today).
  • Tip # 2 : Every morning, take a deep breath and ask yourself : What is the most important thing for me to focus on today? Make sure that this will get accomplished.
  • Tip # 3 : At the end of the day, again take a deep breath and ask your self : What was the most importan/valuable thing that happend to me today?

Commit to this routine this for the next 10 days. This is a simple practice, but I assure you that it will make a world of difference each day.

Happy thoughts!