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feeling stuck, manifesting tips

Feeling stuck? We all have been there.

Maybe it’s the job you’ve had for years now that feels soooooo uninspiring, and even like some kind of a punishment from the gods (but you have no idea what you are being punished for, so you feel completely helpless) or worst  – not being able to find a job for months now.

Maybe you have been going on dates with the wrong guy over and over again, for waaaaay too long and now lost all your faith in finding that great guy that your girlfriends are so lucky to date or be married to.

It could be things like – feeling like you will never move out of your small apartment and upgrade into something more “you” – bright and roomy with a great sunny balcony…ahhhhh.

Losing those last 10 pounds. It’s never gonna happen. I have tried everything!

It doesn’t matter what keeps you in that unhappy place, you just want out and move on. Pronto!

And you can.

3 simple ways to upgrade your manifesting power and create the changes you have been craving.

We get stuck because of our patterns of behaviour, thinking and reacting to life. Breakthroughs require us to change our approach to life. The more dramatic the changes you want to make, the bigger the changes you will have to create within your own self and the way you function/behave every day.

Here are 3 strategies you can start implementing right away.

Upgrade #1 : Upgrade your words

Elevate your language into a new place and your life will follow. I guarantee that to you.

manifesting what you want, simple tips

There are times when we all would want a magic wand we could use to wave over our lives and everything would magically change. Things would get better and all the problems would disappear  like they have never existed.

Sounds like a fairytale idea but the truth is that we all have a magic wand we can use to literally create miracles and make changes pretty darn fast. But this magic wand is being misused more often than not, I noticed. Unfortunately.

What is it? It’s your words.

How would you describe the language you use daily?

Does it energize you, inspire you and honour you (and other people)? Or do you just throw words around?

What are the expressions that you use out of habit?

Hint: It could be things like – This is killing me. I hate my…. That’s impossible. I could never do that. I am not that good. That’s not for me. I am not that lucky. People are annoying. It’s hard to trust anybody. That’s hard to come by. I could just go on.

Do any of those sound familiar? I love listening to people and paying attention to their language. It’s so eye-opening when I catch my clients in those moments when they use the words that go directly against their goals and dreams in life.

affirmations, manifesting tips

Every word is an affirmation and it’s important that we train yourself to choosing the words that carry the energy of your next level of success and happiness you are wanting to move into. Also, if you start choosing words of higher vibration/ higher energetic value, more often than not other people will follow your lead. It just feel better. Have you noticed how people behaviour and language changes depending on who they are talking to. We train each other into the type of communication that eventually  becomes a habit of communicating with that particular person.

So, for the next few days, watch your words.

Identify the language that you need to quit, stop using and commit to it. Catch your self and consciously decide to never use those words again. They are keeping you stuck in life.

Intentionally choose words that reflect on what changes you want to invite into your life. Here are some examples:

I can’t wait to move out my apartment and find a great place in a location that’s exciting and fun. I am sure I’ll find a great deal. I always do.

It will feel great to find a new job that pays better and offers more opportunities to do what I love. There are plenty of companies out there that are looking for people like me. I enjoy going to interviews and talking to people about my skills and what kind of career I want to create for myself. I deserve a job I love.

There are so many good guys out there, that maybe just little shy to talk to me. I am going to be more open to meeting new people anywhere I go. It would feel great to go on a fun date with a guy that I could relate to easily. I like meeting new people. If other people can find love, so can I.

Upgrade # 2:  Upgrade your energy

Your energy is where your attracting power is.

Considering where your energy is today or right now, what would you be able to attract? And remember, like energies attract.

I understand that it’s hard to feel happy when your life is not what you want it to be. And I don’t necessarily need you to be excited about the job have right now that makes you miserable, or forget that you have been single for a year. That is impossible. I just need you to get excited about life in general and the opportunities and possibilities out there. That is enough to shift your energy in a much better place. And then miracles can happen. But you have to do the work.

If you don’t know where to start, I have a great little trick to use that can help you to re-energize and shift your point of attraction fast. And it works every time, like a charm!

Get unstuck by living your life backwards

Feeling stuck, Life Coaching tips

Here it goes: Life your life backwards for at least a few days, week or two if you can.

This idea is simple but very effective:  Do the little things that make up for your day differently, even backwards.

I recently wrote an article that explains this exercise in detail with some ideas that you can implement right away. Check it out here.

Why this exercise works so well:

  1. It really forces you to be present during your day. Many times we miss things that are under our noses because we are “in the zombie zone” and not paying attention
  2. This exercise is a great way to attract some new people and new relationships into our lives that can offer new, fresh perspective, helpful advice. You could even meet “the one” while playing this fun game with the universe.
  3. It’s clear demonstration of your willingness to change and to invite change into your life. Remember  that the universe only mirrors the way we function – that is our attracting power. Once you express this intention, the world around you will reflect on it pretty quickly. I guarantee that!

Upgrade # 3: Upgrade your self worth

This one is the most difficult of all, but it’s the most important upgrade you need to make to experience a better life.

We only get the love and the life we think we deserve.

What this means is that you may need to rebuild your relationship with you. My first piece of advice here is to stop comparing yourself to others. Period. It’s habit that can really keep you in a bubble of never reaching your goals and not being able to receive all the goodness that is lined up right outside your door. I am not kidding.

Do you feel your value every day? Or do you mostly see why you are not good enough, lacking or just not deserving enough of what you want.

To raise your self worth can feel like a big job but all you need to do is to start small. Something as simple as using a mantra that will gently remind you of how valuable you are as a person can do the job.

Simple mantra that can dramatically shift your self worth

I recently received an e-mail from Denise Duffield-Thomas of in which she talks about a simple mantra that can DRAMATICALLY shift your self worth.

SELF WORTH MANTRA: I serve, I deserve.

Here is Denise talking about this awesome matra that is so simple to practice I think:

These 3 ideas are simple but they require lots of constant awareness of where your mind is in every single moment, so give yourself a permission to make these changes over time and know that it may be easy to slip into your old shoes. When that happens, just try to catch your self as fast as you can, get back on the horse and let the new habits to sink in one day at the time.

You will make a full transition into these new upgrades if you will have some patience and decide to commit to it. Your commitment to creating this new language, new energy to radiate into the world and raising your self worth is the key to creating your own ” heaven on earth” including a job you love, loving relationships and any kind of success you crave.

Are you ready for an upgrade?

Get a pen and a piece of paper and write down the specific upgrades you want to create in the different areas of your life and put the list somewhere you can see it every day. And than do the work. Take  these ideas and run with it. Commit and you will be surprised how quickly you could turn your luck around.