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Law of  Attraction

This could be another name for the Law of Attraction. Our assumption are based on the system of beliefs that we currently hold.
Law of attraction says : Like energies attract. You could also say that similar vibrations (electromagnetic signals we as energy beings send out to the universe we live in) we give out attract like vibrations.

Our assumptions, also referred to as expectations, are extremely powerful energies. They are what we assume to be realistic, or true based on our experiences. Expectations are chronic vibrations, or energy patterns we subconsciously hold and broadcast out to the universe.

Our Assumption/Expectation and The Law of attraction

People assume you can’t be shy and be on television. They’re wrong. Diane Sawyer.

The most important thing about assumptions or expectations is: These are very strong energies/vibrations and they are also  constantly present in your overall vibration.They are chronic vibrations you could say. They are programs, a software that starts running as soon as you open your eyes each morning and are playing the main roles in creating your daily reality. Firm assumptions that are confirmed with the experiences manifested as a result of these strong vibrations/auto-responsive programs eventually turn into our beliefs. And when it comes to beliefs, you can expect to be always right. (I am talking about deep, subconscious beliefs not the spoken hopes we have ). That’s where the ” I knew it !” comes from. The universe doesn’t judge the choice you make when you chose your thoughts about about the things happening in your life, it only lets you know where you stand, giving you a fair chance to change your mind or stick with it. 🙂

What are your assumptions ?

What are your assumptions about money and how their flow into your life? What are your assumptions about the partner you deserve? What are your assumptions on aging or staying healthy?
These are very important questions and the answers can provide you with some ground-braking explanations for the events of your life.Remember we are all energy beings always communicating with the energy of the universe around us. That’s  how we create reality.

Law of assumption

One of my favorite books The four agreements from Don Miguel Ruiz.This wonderful and insightful little book ( very easy read by the way) talks about four agreements that you can have with your self, that are extremely beneficial habits to establish. One of which is : Never make assumptions.
This simple habit can start transforming your life and significantly reduce the amount of stress experienced due to fear of the things that “could happen “.

Affirmations = positive assumptions.

Another way to go is to always make an assumption that are positive. I am talking about affirmations here. So in contradiction to the fourth agreement as good of an option is to always make an assumption that is expressing your positive expectation. This one is my all time favorite : ALL IS WELL. This is one of my favorite assumptions/ affirmations. Repeat it 10 times when you are stressed and breathe to center your self and calm your self down. Its a better place, which you can attract solutions from.

Other examples of assumptions to make are :

  • Everything I need comes to me at perfect time.
  • I am always in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.
  • Life supports me and brings me only positive and good experiences.
  • Or the well known : ” I can do it ” or “There is always a way “
  • Things have a tendency to work out.

Have a wonderful day ans expect the best !