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The secret book, manifesting

Manifesting. This word became very popular in the last few years especially after the famous book and a movie The secret came out and caused a little thinking revolution.

The word manifesting has a mystery attached to it for many people and many of us are fascinated by it and what it means.

Manifesting to me, is gathering enough energy and clear focus until what we think about becomes a physical thing, a person or an experience.

There is much more to the process as many people are finding out, but this simple definition is a good place to start.I assume you are one of the people that are familiar with this book as you are visiting my site dedicated to the Law of Attraction, but just in case this is a new information here is some more details about both the book and the movie.

So what is The Secret ? How do I manifest what I want ?

This is a question that many people ask today and what makes me very happy  people are educating them selves and trying new approaches to life, the way they think and act and beyond.

The movie most people connect to the Law of Attraction and manifesting the most these days is The Secret. Here is a little reminder of the core message of the book and the movie that has rocked our world in 2006.

To me manifesting is transforming one kind of energy to another. There are many people- spiritual leaders, scientist etc… now writing wonderful books about the concept and I have read quite a few and these.There is definitely a common understanding about the manifesting process now.

Some of the core understandings are (in very simple words):

  • Everything is energy.
  • Thoughts become things / we create through thought.
  • We get more of what we focus on.
  • We need to think positive to manifest desired future.
  • What we give is what we get back. Also known as The Law of Karma. Karma is another big word that became very popular ( and sometimes hugely miss understood).

Even after knowing that and following the instructions, that were not so clear and quite overwhelming in The Secret in my opinion, many people get very frustrated by their results. Don’t get me wrong, I think this book opened many doors for many people and contributed hugely to Law of Attraction being exposed to public and getting the attention it deserves. It is a good first book to read, but to apply the Law of Attraction I believe you need to educate your self little farther.

The Secret subconscious beliefs and manifesting.

Some people can likely make this statement. I heard it many times in my coaching practice as well as over a coffee talking to a friend or a stranger :

” I visualize, I meditate, I do my affirmations and NOTHING ! What’s wrong? “

Well, we are like a very sophisticated computer with many programs running constantly and they are ALL creating our reality. You could divide these programs into two categories:

  • 1. Our conscious programs – the (in the moment ) patterns of thinking that we are aware of.
  • 2. Our subconscious programs – our subconscious beliefs that are based on our experiences of this life time. Many times they are limiting and we are not aware of them, we just feel fear or other negative emotions indicating them being present.

Both of these programs are responsible for creating / manifesting our reality, but the subconscious programs are more consistent, therefore they are creating more of a consistent reality. These are stronger patterns of thinking or energy.

What we focus on expands /or we get more of it. This consistent subconscious focus is then creating the events of our lives. You could also say similar energies attract. This is the reason why affirmations don’t work for many people. If you conscious thoughts and your subconscious are not aligned, you may not manifest the thing you want. If you believe you don’t deserve it or its out of your reach…..YOUR  BELIEVE WILL WIN. It does not matter you say something else out loud. If it’s not aligned with your beliefs, you are likely to loose the battle.

The only limits we have are the limits we believe. – Dr. Wayne Dyer

The Secret, limiting beliefs

This picture very well demonstrates the proportions of our conscious and subconscious mind and therefore their individual power in manifesting process. The thoughts we choose and are aware of are just the tip on an iceberg.

Are you aware of your programs? Do you need to update your software? Find out what your Limiting beliefs are and brake the cycles of unlucky events.

This may sound like a huge job, but it can be done and with practice you can get really good and fast at getting it done.


Simple exercise to identify your limiting beliefs (your little secrets):

Identifying your beliefs can be as simple as finding a piece of paper and a pen and after taking couple of deep, centering breaths writing down: I believe that money (or whatever you are wanting to find out your limiting beliefs on) …and GO!

I recommend that you set a timer for 5 or 10 minutes and just write. Here are important things to remember ones you start writing :

  • 1. Don’t think too much, just do a “brain dump” and don’t judge your self for what you are writing down. You will organize you thoughts later.
  • 2. Keep your pen moving at all times ( so your ego has no chance to edit the process ), even if  you ll have to write “I don’t know what to write” for the first 1 minute. If you can (as sometimes its a very emotional process) exhaust the topic.
  • 3. If possible try to find peaceful and safe/private place to do this. It may be very emotional and sometimes tiring (even physically) for a brief moment.

This is very important knowledge for you as you can’t change something you don’t own. You need to OWN your limiting beliefs and then release them understanding with love. They are NOT who you are, they are what you experiences that formed your habits of thinking.

And habits can be changed!You can use this exercise on any aspect of your life, any area of your life where you  feel like you are stuck and want  to move on.

  • My beliefs on relationships:
  • My beliefs on why I don’t have the job I want:
  • My beliefs on why I am not attracting more clients:
  • My beliefs on why I  cant loose weight:

Don’t be afraid. Ones you start, it will be hard to stop and you will immediately feel lighter. This is a little detox exercise to get rid of what’s not serving you and standing in a way of you having the life you want. Its just the first step in the process of reprogramming/ changing your software, but its a first HUGE step toward the freedom you are looking for.

Let me know how it went and come back to my blog to take the next step. I will talk about CLEARING TECHNIQUES to get rid of your limiting beliefs for good. Here is one technique I already talked about on my blog earlier.

Much love and happy thoughts!