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To honor this being my Birthday week (yaaaaayyyy!!!), I wanted to do something special so here is my first video blog. ( You can watch the video below ).

This Saturday I am turning 34 and I was looking back at my life a little to really reflect on how much my life has changed since I started to learn how to balance and use my feminine and masculine energy in a smart way.

Both of these energies are powerful and can be utilized in many wonderful ways that can really enhance the quality of your life but just like anything else if they are out balance, it can literally be a disaster.

For a long time I was in a masculine overdrive which got my pretty exhausted, frustrated and pretty much was consistently ruining my relationships. It took a lot of awareness and work to shift my mentality and my way of being to get things back to balance but in the last 6 years I have been enjoying a great, loving relationship and many amazing opportunities to improve and enjoy my life because I decided to get my Goddess ON.

The changes I experienced (both in my personal and professional life) were so powerful,  it inspired my Goddess Coaching idea and I feel so passionate about sharing the these lessons I learned with other women ready to step into their Goddess energy.

 There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically her self, comfortable in her perfect imperfection. ~ Unknown.

Stepping fully into your feminine, Goddess energy has many benefits. Here are a few I wanted to point out.

Fully embracing your feminine energy can:

1. Create a beautiful, warm glow, an energy that is so attractive and fun to be around. This can open many doors otherwise closed and attracts experiences and miracles into your life that will allow you to enjoy every aspect of your life in a new, exciting way.

2. Be such a great foundation for building new, strong and very nurturing relationships – both in your personal and professional life.

3. Allow the men in your life to fully step into their masculine. Whether it’s your relationship, your work situation or any other area of your life where you are not feeling support and appreciated by the men in your life, the Goddess within you can inspire these men to step up their game, big time!

I hope you enjoyed my Birthday Vlog and feel inspired to set your inner Goddess free to invite some fun and magic into your life.

Do you have any insights or questions about this topic?

Are you embracing your feminine side as much as you could?

Leave me a comment below, share this video with your girlfriends and help me to start a little Goddess revolution.

Happy thoughts and let your Goddess light shine this week!