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In the last few years, I realized that things “going bad” is actually a good sign. It’s mostly when we are finally ready to release some big stuff holding us back – limiting beliefs, past experiences that keep recreating fears and dis-trust in our lives, relationships that are anything else but loving, unhealthy expectations we have created for our selves or may be pushing onto others around us…

What to when things go bad.

In my Coaching practice I always make my clients aware that we may be opening “pandora’s box” when they first start working with me. It’s just that their consciousness need a little clean-up and as soon as they say ” I am ready to do the work” they will manifest opportunities to get rid of the garbage. When those “garbage thoughts and beliefs” (that need to be released) manifest it usually doest feel good at first. Many times it mean experiencing uncomfortable conflicts and situations that are very challenging to face but as soon as they are addressed with clarity and self acceptance, huge shifts are created in person’s reality.

Literally miracles can be manifested during this process. And sometimes we need these little crisis to make simple, clear and honest decisions that can give us what we truly want finally.

When things go bad, we are in a position to make powerful choices. The question is: Will our next choices by based in self love and respect (and respect for others) or will they be a reflection on our exciting fears? 

3 simple tips for moving forward when things”go bad”

Here are few simple tips on how to stay centered in a mids of things being very emotional, less than perfect and even scary.

1.The first thing I do, is to repeat one of Louise Hay’s famous affirmations:

Out of this situation only good will come. Everything is working out for my highest good. I am now moving into my greater power.

Ahhhhh, doesn’t that sound good? Or at least better? It takes a little while to practice this outlook, but I guarantee you that it is worth the effort.I know that it seams like that would be too easy, if that worked but the fact that our reality is just a reflection on where our energy and focus is. Law of Attraction is a mirroring mechanism. How we focus in those difficult times is everything.

2. Accept what is going on.

Embrace it as much as you can. It may mean admitting to your self how unhappy or broken hearted you are, hating your job…but if you will push it away, you will also push away the key to things getting better and even an opportunity to heal your life, turn things around.

No one wants to feel heartbreak, or the truth about the way they truly feel sometimes if it’s disempowering or sad but please consider this idea:

Pain is only a perception. Pain is created through perception.

Subtle shift in a way you are processing life can remove lots of unnecessary pain to make room for better things to come.

Acceptance is a powerful state of being. It allows for clarity and bursts the bubble of defensiveness that prevents you from tuning into the important message that can”save your ass”.

It’s like pulling a bad tooth. It only hurts like hell for a moment and than you are feeling relieved, ready to heal.

3. Chosing to ask different questions.

What is this situation revealing about me and how I treat my self or others in my life?

What powerful lessons can I learn here?

How did I attract this into my life?

What are the decision that I need to make here, that are empowering and transformational?

I find that the most frequent question people ask is why is this happening to ME? And often it comes from a victim mentality and hopelessness.

The questions above will help you to raise your energy, re-focus and start getting some answers that may turn crisis into an amazing opportunity to live happier life that really reflects on your core beliefs and what you stand for in life. And that feels great.