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Lynn McTaggart : The Intention Experiment

Lynne McTaggart is a journalist, book author, publisher and spokesperson “on consciousness, the new physics, and the practices of conventional and alternative medicine”. McTaggart is co-executive director of Conatus and is the author of five books, including The Intention Experiment and The Field. What is the The Field? This amazing lady has done a research […]

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How to find a job, Tips

Finding a job you LOVE!

Guest post by Josef Stetter The global recession of 2008 affected many individuals around the world.  This is NOT the first recession nor will it be the last! The economy is and always has been cyclical.  Many people lost their jobs and their hope of finding work in their field. Competition has become stiffer and […]

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Beauty Mantras: Creating CONFIDENCE one sentence at the time.

What are affirmations ? Affirmations are positive statements that describe in positive words a desired situation, event, habit or goal, and which are repeated mentally or aloud. When these statements are repeated often, they eventually take root in the subconscious mind and influence it to act accordingly. This is really about reprogramming your mind and how you […]

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